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Zelda Loz Totk Botw Nfc Amiibo Cards Premium Collector’s LIMITED Edition *FAST Priority Shipping*

(5 customer reviews)


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Introducing our premium Amiibo Cards: the epitome of quality and style. With a glossy finish and high DPI print, each card is a masterpiece. Tap them on your console to unlock exclusive content and elevate your gaming experience. Durable and visually stunning, these cards are a must-have for any Amiibo enthusiast. Upgrade your collection today and discover limitless gaming possibilities.

All Amiibos work with Tears of the Kingdom & Breath of the Wild and each card is around the size of a credit card. NOT Mini.

SAME-DAY SHIPPING! – All Orders Mon-Fri prior to 12 PM Est will be shipped the same day. Saturday orders prior to 10 AM Ship the same day!

FAST shipping, every order is shipped via USPS Priority Mail, depending on where you live expect delivery within 1-3 business days!

All Character Amiibos (28)

⭐Tears of the Kingdom Set (3 Cards)

1. Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom NEW!

2. Link – Tears of the Kingdom NEW!

3. Ganondorf – Tears of the Kingdom NEW!

⭐Breath of the Wild Set (9 Cards)

4. Mipha – Zora Champion

5. Revali – Rito Champion

6. Daruk – Goron Champion

7. Urbosa – Gerudo Champion

8. Link (Archer) – Breath of the Wild

9. Link (Rider) – Breath of the Wild

10. Zelda – Breath of the Wild

11. Guardian – Breath of the Wild

12. Bokoblin – Breath of the Wild

⭐30th Anniversary Set (9 Cards)

13. Wolf Link – 20 Hearts

14. Loftwing & Zelda

15. Link Majora’s Mask – The Legend of Zelda

16. Link Skyward Sword – The Legend of Zelda

17. Toon Link – The Wind Waker (30th Anniversary)

18. Zelda – The Wind Waker (30th Anniversary)

19. Ocarina of Time Link (30th Anniversary)

20. Link (Twilight Princess) (Summon Epona)

21. 8-Bit Link (30th Anniversary)

⭐Super Smash Bros Set (6 Cards)

22. Sheik – Super Smash Bros

23. Ganondorf – Super Smash Bros

24. Link (Summon Epona) – Super Smash Bros

25. Young Link – Super Smash Bros

26. Toon Link – Super Smash Bros

27. Zelda – Super Smash Bros

⭐28. Link’s Awakening

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


5 reviews for Zelda Loz Totk Botw Nfc Amiibo Cards Premium Collector’s LIMITED Edition *FAST Priority Shipping*

  1. Anonymous

    These were my first ever amiibos. They worked really well and look great. The shipping was OK. Would reccomend buying.

  2. Kaitlyn Smith

    The order arrived on time and within two days of the purchase and they came in their own card case. That was a nice addition. I was taken aback at the quality of the Amiibo cards. The artwork printing quality was terrific and they have no issues as I tested them all in “Breath of the Wild.” I’m glad that I could obtain items and gear that otherwise would’ve been difficult unless I sought out the Amiibos themselves-which can be expensive for a few popular ones.
    I look forward to using these cards in the new Zelda installment, “Tears of the Kingdom.” Excellent job with the Amiibo cards 🙌🏽

  3. Bryan R

    Thank you so much for your review!

  4. Seth Clarkson

    Great amiibo cards! The cards are really strong and feel like great quality, and the images printed on them make them look really nice! Two of my cards weren’t working correctly, but the seller was amazing and not only replaced them for me, but also threw in a few extras as well! Definitely recommend!

  5. Kohan

    I was looking for NFC amiibo Zelda cards on the internet and decided to give, Etsy a try once again. To my surprise, I found a full 28 set available. On top of that, they have a gloss finish, which makes them look slick and high quality, which they are. I had a few Zelda cards randomly put together that didn’t match well from, matte, coarse or gloss. Many were a bad print in some way. Even the back of the NFC cards looks nice with a custom artistic touch.
    I took another chance and decided to buy the full gloss set, and I am surprised how well they are made. Each NFC card is well made with no fading to be seen. Personally, these are the best-looking, Zelda NFC cards I’ve ever come across. I have tested each card in game & each one worked, also no mistake doubles at all.
    Seller was nice and replied to all my questions.

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