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Wooden Tokens Set for Use with Ticket to Ride [14 colors] 45 Trains 3 Stations 1 Marker

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Every set contains:

– 45 trains (+2 extra in any case)

– 3 station markers (+1 extra in any case)

– 1 score token (+1 extra in any case)

Enhance your Ticket to Ride gameplay with our WoodenTokens! Designed to work with the classic train game, WoodenTokens add a fun and unique element to your gaming experience. These high-quality tokens are made from fsc wood and feature unique designs that are easy to distinguish on the game board.

Please note that WoodenTokens are not affiliated with or endorsed by Days of Wonder. Our set isn’t an official or endorsed product of the original game!

Those tokens are perfect cut and colored tokens to boardgames. Check our other tokens.

The colors of each item is in the same shade, for example, the cylinders ordered and the blue meeple from our store will have the same blue color. Some of the colors have been prepared especially for us!

The wood used for the production of our tokens is specially selected so that it is heavier than elements of the same size offered by some manufacturers. We believe that this increases the quality of these products – they fit better on the board, are easier to stack and are easier to manipulate during the game.

The paints and pigments used in the production are DIN EN ISO 14001 certified, which means that they are ecological and safe.

For orders not related to specific sets, we pack items of a given color in separate bags, unless the order includes a small number of items of each color – then we pack them in one bag so as not to generate unnecessary waste and to send you the order faster.

Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

5 reviews for Wooden Tokens Set for Use with Ticket to Ride [14 colors] 45 Trains 3 Stations 1 Marker

  1. Trevor

    I received these beautifully done wooden pieces, shipped with care internationally. The colors match Ticket to Ride’s native pieces while adding a richer texture and feel. Highly recommended!

  2. Anonymous

    Well made and well packaged

  3. Lisa

    Well made, fast shipping and suitable packaging. A pleasure to use them instead of plastic tokens

  4. Lisa

    Glad to hear you’re happy with your purchase! The bright colors are definitely a standout feature of this item. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  5. guyspronck

    Great quality item, as expected. Very bright colours, love the set of trains!

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