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Wooden Set to Settlers Game [26 colors] Settlements + Cities + Roads

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Every set contains all tokens to Settlers (Settlers of Catan) game:

– 15 x Roads

– 5 x Settlements

– 4 x Cities

New colors: ruby, light brown, cherry and natural (not varnished) for painting!

Natural color (not varnished) is intended to be painted with paints intended for wood.

Our tokens are also available in unique colors, thanks to which you can make a completely new color version and amaze other players by playing Catan with a new color, e.g. light blue or lavender!

Please check also our trays:

The colors of each item is in the same shade, for example, the cylinders ordered and the blue meeple from our store will have the same blue color. Some of the colors have been prepared especially for us!

The wood used for the production of our tokens is specially selected so that it is heavier than elements of the same size offered by some manufacturers. We believe that this increases the quality of these products – they fit better on the board, are easier to stack and are easier to manipulate during the game.

The paints and pigments used in the production are DIN EN ISO 14001 certified, which means that they are ecological and safe.

For orders not related to specific sets, we pack items of a given color in separate bags, unless the order includes a small number of items of each color – then we pack them in one bag so as not to generate unnecessary waste and to send you the order faster.

Attention: Not suitable for children under three years.

4 reviews for Wooden Set to Settlers Game [26 colors] Settlements + Cities + Roads

  1. Rachel Bobinger

    I am very pleased with the product. The colors came out nicely and the quality is good too. One of the colors I originally had ordered did not fit the color scheme as well as I had hoped. But ones I reached out it was no problem to get them replaced. Great service!

  2. Jaclynn O’Callaghan

    Can’t wait to start using these pieces for our game nights! Had to get them in our favorite colors!

  3. EJ Fisch

    These look great! I’ve always thought it would be fun to have black Catan pieces, but when I saw the rest of the color offerings, I couldn’t help but choose a second set. Shipping took a while just because it’s international, but they arrived within the estimated time window (though I was out of town and a signature was required so I ended up having to go pick them up at the post office—something to keep in mind). I’m excited to use these pieces for my next game!

  4. Robert Logan

    Pieces came in perfect condition and shapes. The color is as advertised and looks great.

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