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Wood Geocache Swag Tokens


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Set of 32 geocache tokens made of 1/4 inch maple plywood. Each token measures 2 inches in diameter. There are a nice variety of different coins that you can leave in caches as swag, share with other cachers at events, provided as FTF prizes in the geocaches you hide as a cache owner, or as a birthday or Christmas gift to the geocacher in your life.

The variety of designs includes themes such as muggles, not lost, hunting for tupperware in the woods, not all who wander are lost, compass, mountains, hiking, backpacking, exploring, adventure awaits, i love geocaching, world map, thanks for the smile, TFTC, TFTH, mandala, and sunflowers.

They can be customized with your geocaching name on the back if you choose for an additional fee.

Note: These coins are not trackable, but we can engrave a trackable number on the back of one or more if requested.


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