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Voyager 7 piece sharp edge polyhedral dice set. Fantasy map design.

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7 piece sharp edges polyhedral dice set for DND with colorful fantasy map. Handmade, custom inking available.

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4 reviews for Voyager 7 piece sharp edge polyhedral dice set. Fantasy map design.

  1. Victoria

    Perfect Perfect Perfect. Shipping was super quick. Seller was fabulous!!!!! The definition in the map itself is really crisp (better than my phone can do right now) and the option for a rose gold was perfect. I have ordered from here before, another map set, but these are just so damn pretty. I will absolutely be purchasing again in the future.

  2. Aimee Gartman

    These are my new favorite dice! I love them! They’re so pretty and getting to pick the ink color out was so cool!

  3. Katie Sanford

    Absolutely love love LOVE these dice, and the seller was fantastic! I was offered a range of inking options, and the seller was super communicative about the whole process. I really am so happy with the dice, and the bonus I got too! The dice are gorgeous, well-polished, and fabulously inked. I know I’ll definitely be coming back for more! Highly recommend getting sets here. 🙂

  4. Piper Edgmon

    I own far, far too many dice and I can say now with absolute certainty that I have a favorite. They are so beautiful and the map is so clear and distinct, I could actually scream I love them so much! (also the first roll was a nat 20!!)

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