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Upgrade Gem Set for Splendor Board Game – Glass Rhinestone Jewels and Metal Coins

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Set of glass rhinestones and real metal coins suitable for the Splendor board game/ card game.

Make your Splendor gems shine with this set of rhinestones which are typically used in jewellery. Enjoy the feel of physical gemstones rather than poker chips for a more immersive game experience. The colour and shape of the gems is matched with the game. Additionally, you receive 5 metal coins to represent the gold resource.

Upgrade your game pieces now!

Poker chips and cards are not part of this article and only serve as reference.

Each set includes either 7 (standard) or 9 (XL) rhinestone gems in each of the 5 colours (blue, red, green, black, and white/ transparent) plus 5 gold-coloured metal coins. The black gem is opaque while the other gems are translucent.

The set comes in nice little drawstring bags – looks classier and lasts longer than plastic bags!

This is the second version of our Splendor Gem Set, introduced in October 2021. The size of the gems was increased – almost doubled! Now there are two options for the gold coins to choose from.

Standard size for 1-4 players:

5×7 rhinestones + 5 metal coins = 40 pieces

The total weight with bags is ca. 100g.

XL size for 1-6 players:

5×9 rhinestones + 5 metal coins = 50 pieces

The total weight with bags is ca. 125g.

Red Gem (Ruby):

Material: Rhinestone

Size: 14 mm x 14 mm

Weight: ca 1.6g

Green Gem (Emerald):

Material: Rhinestone

Size: 13 mm x 18 mm

Weight: ca 2.15g

Blue Gem (Sapphire):

Material: Rhinestone

Size: 13 mm x 18 mm

Weight: ca 1.4g

Black Gem (Obsidian):

Material: Rhinestone

Size: 13 mm x 18 mm

Weight: ca 1.6g

White Gem (Diamond):

Material: Rhinestone

Size: 16 mm diameter

Weight: ca 2.15g

Gold coin:

Material: Zinc alloy

Size: ca 21mm diameter

Weight: ca 2.8g

Note: Some Board Games are hobby products not intended for children. This item is intended for hobbyists 14 years and above.

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4 reviews for Upgrade Gem Set for Splendor Board Game – Glass Rhinestone Jewels and Metal Coins

  1. Sarah Thornberg

    These are a gift for family member. They look amazing and feel awesome to touch!
    The only reason I reduced to 4 stars was due to the rubies–> they are squared and one of the edges got chipped in shipment. I fear the rubies may chip more over time due to their fine pointed corners. All the other gems will last as the edges are smoother! The gold “coins” are a cool touch on the gold flakes.

  2. Kendra

    The gems are really pretty and beyond what I expected. One of them is slightly scratched, but I expected a lot more of that considering that they are made of glass. I love that they come in bags that correspond with the color of the gems!! Shipping did take a while, because it is being shipped from Germany, but it still came within Etsy’s expected window.

  3. Jacqueline Koh

    I love the weight and overall quality of these gem tokens! The only thing is that because they’re travelling from overseas to Canada, even though they were packed in a bubble envelope, a couple of the gems got chipped slash cracked on the way over.
    But! These are definitely a good investment if you play the game often and want something a bit more than the provided standard poker chip tokens.
    One thing that would make the set even better than they already are (because, for realises, these are so fun to play with), is to perhaps make the red rubies a bit thicker, and less flat.
    Thank you for the hours of fun with my friends!

  4. Alexandra Picken

    This is such a great set! The gems are too cute, and the coins have a great feel to them. Definitely makes the game feel more luxurious. I bought these in early December as a Christmas present, and the shop shipped them super quickly so they could make it to Canada in time for the holidays. Highly recommend!

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