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Unofficial ISS Vanguard Lead Tokens, Double Sided, Fan Made. Set of 20.

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ISS Vanguard upgrade tokens are designed to upgrade the stock cardboard tokens provided with the game. They are cut from the highest quality, 1/8″ thick, acrylic and painted with non-toxic, acrylic paint, and engraved on both sides. These are all handmade by me in Portland, Oregon and are approximately the same size as the originals from the game. These are NOT official ISS Vanguard accessories nor are they affiliated with the manufacturer.

The tokens may be shipped with protective paper on both sides to prevent scratch damage. Please soak the tokens in warm, soapy water to help remove the paper.

Any playing cards, game boards, or character cards are included for scale purposes only and not included with this sale.

Also note, free pick up for local buyers is available. Contact me and I’ll remove the shipping cost from your total if you’d prefer a local pick up.

4 reviews for Unofficial ISS Vanguard Lead Tokens, Double Sided, Fan Made. Set of 20.

  1. Edmond

    Excellent upgrade for ISS Vanguard!

  2. Stephen Lake

    What a great upgrade, I look forward to playing ISS Vanguard with some new bling.
    These are almost ready to go, remove the protective film and they are ready to play. No painting or extra effort required.

  3. Charalampos Marinakis

    Everything was perfect! I hope, I could get them directly from a Europe e-Shop (for example Amazon), in order to pay less customs fees.

  4. Alvaro Hoyos

    Great upgrade to the base tokens, which I mostly purchased due to having lost one of the originals. It was a bit challenging removing the backing layer, but that’s a minor note.

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