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Unofficial Civilizations for Catan | Custom | Replacement | Board Game | Settlers | 3D Printed | Organizer | Accessories

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DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated or endorsed by Catan GmbH. All of our products are considered 3rd party and are 3D printed


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-Mayans (LIGHT BLUE in cover photo)

-Malians (COPPER/BROWN in cover photo)

-Spanish (LIME in cover photo)



8 Player Bundles come in standard colors listed below. If you wish to change the colors, you can add a personalization to your order and customize the color for each civilization


–8 Player Base Set Includes–

Aztec Base in BLUE

China Base in RED

Egypt Base in GOLD

Greek Base in SNOW WHITE

Portuguese Base in PURPLE

Rome Base in ORANGE

Saracens Base in WARM IVORY

Viking Base in FOREST GREEN


–8 Player Boat Set Includes–

Aztec Boats in BLUE

China Boats in RED

Egypt Boats in GOLD

Greek Boats in SNOW WHITE

Portuguese Boats in PURPLE

Rome Boats in ORANGE

Saracens Boats in WARM IVORY

Viking Boats in FOREST GREEN


–8 Player C&K Set Includes–

Aztec C&K in BLUE

China C&K in RED

Egypt C&K in GOLD


Portuguese C&K in PURPLE

Rome C&K in ORANGE

Saracens C&K in WARM IVORY



–Each Base Set Includes–

4 Large Structures (Cities)

5 House Structures (Settlements)

15 Roads


–Each Boat Set Includes–

15 Boats


–Each C&K Set Includes–

3 Walls

6 knight Tokens – two bronze, two silver and two gold


–Product Quality–

Our products are 3D printed using PLA filament and may have minor imperfections.


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4 reviews for Unofficial Civilizations for Catan | Custom | Replacement | Board Game | Settlers | 3D Printed | Organizer | Accessories

  1. Amber Bullis

    We love settlers of Catan. These game pieces elevate our game experience. Very happy with my purchase. Very detailed pieces.

  2. Godot

    All is as promised and then some, the detail on these really is some of the best in any of my gaming mini’s, Seller was also responsive to any questions I had, so both Service and Product are well worth it.

  3. Tina

    The Viking set is absolutely perfect! Both sides of my family are from Viking land (Norway and Denmark), so these are really special. Very detailed pieces.

  4. Joëlle

    I‘m very happy with my purchase. It arrived quickly, well packaged and in perfect condition. I chose special colours and it worked out great.

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