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The Super Console X – Retro Video Gaming Console with 46,498 Games Built-In – SNES/PS1/Neo Geo/Atari/Arcade/Sega/GameBoy etc – UK Seller

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With lots of choice for a retro games console in my shop, please message me to decide which one is best suited to your tastes.

Why choose a retro gaming system from my Etsy shop?:

1. These come with whichever power pack you require (UK/US/Euro)

2. What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive. All tested and set up.

3. These will be shipped on payment, you won’t have to wait months to receive.

4. After-sale support: I will always be here to answer questions, issues, and assist you with your purchase.

This is a brand new Super Console X Retro Games Console. This plugs directly into your tv, switch it on, and have a choice of 46,498 games at your fingertips. It really is that simple!

Choose to play classics such as Mario, Sonic, Bubble Bobble, Turtles, Simpsons, Donkey Kong and many more on systems such as SNES, Gameboy, PS1, N64, Mega Drive, Arcade, Neo Geo and many many more. A list of consoles and number of games is below.

Everything is built in and ready to play, so there’s peace of mind for you. This also has improved air dissipation.

This comes complete as:

1 x console

2 x wireless Joypads

1 x 4-player adaptor

1 x uk power plug

1 x free sd card

1 x hdmi lead

Leaflets and instructions

I can also supply a Euro or American power plug if required.

This is a superb games console to keep the whole family occupied. Up to 4 Joypads can be connected for many 4 player games.

Consoles on this system:

Amiga – 1,898 games

Amstrad CPC – 1,156 games

Amstrad GX4000 – 23 games

Atari 2600 – 1,941 games

Atari 5200 – 68 games

Atari 7800 – 62 games

Atari 800 – 62 games

Atari Lynx – 76 games

Atari ST – 2,812 games

Sega Atomiswave – 5 games

Commodore 64 – 3,724 games

Coleco vision – 174 games

Sega Dreamcast – 1 game

Famicom Computer – 2,715 games

FB Nero – 6,481 games

Famicom Disc System – 297 games

Nintendo Game & Watch – 53 games

Game Gear – 498 games

GameBoy – 1,555 games

GameBoy Advance – 1,060 games

GameBoy Colour – 1,490 games

Sega Genesis (Japan) – 1,703 games

Sega Genesis Hacks – 68 games

Intellivision – 156 games

Sega Master System – 668 games

Sega Mega Drive – 2,884 games

Sega Mega Drive Japan – 501 games

M Player – 7 games

Microsoft MSX – 898 games

Microsoft MSX2 – 138 games

Nintendo 64 – 54 games

Sega Naomi – 7 games

Nintendo DS – 18 games

Neo Geo CD – 1 game

Neo Geo – 209 games

Nintendo NES – 1,832 games

Nintendo NES Hacks – 2,607 games

Neo Geo Pocket – 279 games

Neo Geo Pocket Colour – 119 games

Philips Odyssey – 116 games

Open Beats of Rage – 2 games

PC Engine – 418 games

PC Engine CD – 1 game

Pokemon Mini – 43 games

PSP – 6 games

Playstation 1 – 20 games

Sega Saturn – 1 game

Sega 32X – 58 games

Sega CD (Mega CD) – 1 game

Sega SG-1000 – 203 games

SGFX – 319 games

Super Nintendo – 3,736 games

Super Nintendo Hacks – 375 games

Supervision – 47 games

Turbo Grafx 16 – 93 games

Uzebox – 72 games

Vectrex – 71 games

Nintendo Virtual Boy – 31 games

Bandai Wonderswan – 110 games

Bandai Wonderswan Colour – 91 games

Sharp 68000 – 349 games

Sinclair ZX Spectrum – 2,097 games


I will send the console out same day/next day from order, and is normally delivered to you within 5 working days.

My shop:

I try to recycle packaging when sending out my consoles to keep postage and packaging costs to a minimum.

I try to answer any questions you may have, whether it’s before, during, or after a purchase, an enquiry, or just a hello!

My shop is new, so positive feedback is vital to me. If there is anything i can improve on, please tell me.

I want all of my customers to be happy.

Follow me on Instagram – RetroConsoles365

Delivery or collection.

4 reviews for The Super Console X – Retro Video Gaming Console with 46,498 Games Built-In – SNES/PS1/Neo Geo/Atari/Arcade/Sega/GameBoy etc – UK Seller

  1. Ed

    Very helpful Gentleman when I had questions. Answered all my questions very promptly. Fast safe and secured shipping.

  2. Paul

    Awesome! No other words can describe it
    90k games on a easy to use console
    2 Bluetooth controllers already set up
    All the cables there that you’d need
    Just awesome! 😁

  3. James

    Absolutely over the moon with this. 1000s of boss games to play and enjoy.
    Pure nostalgic. Takes me back to being a kid again.
    Was kept updated by Darren as well.
    This is a must have for retro gamers and anyone who wants to play old-school video games.
    Nice one for the little retro key ring as well. It hangs along side with me car keys.

  4. sarah white

    A big chance ordering so late for Christmas but it arrived on time and with sooooooo many games!!!! Most importantly… my fave Track and Field !!!!! Thank you

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