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The Kraken Bridge – K2 | Pool and Billiards Bridge or Rest | Jump Bridge

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“The Kraken Bridge – K2” is the new version* of “The Kraken Bridge” which is a uniquely designed pool/billiards bridge that allows for multiple configurations. Rest your cue in any of the 8 standard guides; you can even turn it on its end and use it as a jump bridge. “The Kraken Bridge K2” is designed to fit on any standard bar/house cue and most other cues that are roughly 13mm in tip size. The rubber grommet ensures a snug fit without the risk of tip damage due to hard plastic. Overall size of “The Kraken Bridge – K2″ is 4.75” W x 3.25″H.


– A new color is available in limited quantities: Black Ice – a cosmic dark blue/black metallic blend.

– Customized designs are coming soon! We’re starting with variable layer colors and will hopefully expand capabilities from there to things such as including names on the bridge. Interested? Message us and let us know what kind of customization you would like to see.

*The Kraken Bridge – K2″ is the result of months’ worth of testing and user feedback. The new design retains the distinctive look and feel while offering key functionality improvements. First, the overall size of The Kraken Bridge – K2 has been slightly reduced – by 1/2″ – in order to better fit in your case as well as to offer a lower, more level-cue approach. Secondly, the upper limbs have been redesigned (loops have been removed) to allow for better sight down your cue, especially when when you’re staying low to the table. Lastly, edges have been slightly rounded to allow for overall better feel.

The original version is still available for purchase on the AveragePoolGuy shop for $10.00.

All items in our shop are 3D printed and thus may have slight imperfections occasionally. We inspect every item for proper look and feel prior to shipping. If you’re unsatisfied in any way with a product, please let us know and we’ll make it right. Thanks for shopping with Average Pool Guy!

4 reviews for The Kraken Bridge – K2 | Pool and Billiards Bridge or Rest | Jump Bridge

  1. sktaylor1

    So fun! Well made, useful and cute! Goes well with the shark chalk holder I bought on Etsy too. Thanks!

  2. Liz Cook

    The Kraken Bridge is pretty cool, seems fairly sturdy. I didn’t expect it to be 3D printed so that was a neat discovery too. We are looking forward to testing it out!

  3. Katelyn

    The product is perfect for our pool table!

  4. Sign in with Apple user

    Nadfff get. Gvf bag hg

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