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The Disappointment Set 2.0 | RPG Set of 7 Unmatched Dice | Each Die Is “Unique” | Joke Gift for People You Dont Really Like

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An unmatched/mixed complete set of acrylic/resin dice that aren’t very good at all.

Included: A full unmatched 7-piece set (“style” is different for each ugly die). (1) D20, (1) D12, (1) D00, (1) D10, (1) D8, (1) D6, (1) D4.


Ugly Dice, Unpolished, Poorly Inked, Dice We Couldnt Sell, Dice We Didnt Want To Try Selling, Cursed, Mauve Colored and/or all of the above.

The only thing we promise is that the dice will be shaped correctly, and be functional. No broken/dented/scarred dice.

PACKAGED IN: A small brown kraft bag with our logo on it and some kind of like idk… thumbs down… or the word disappointment. Just cross that out if you dont want your mark to know you dont like them. Spoiler though: They will know soon enough how you feel.


Q: Who is this meant for?

Joke gifts, enemies, people you want to give the subtle message to that you dont like them in only the way a puce colored dice will communicate, people who like brown-gray.

Q: What If I’m not disappointed?

I mean. Maybe a nice die snuck in? Look, we can’t account for if you (or your recipient) have bad taste. I guess that’d be a win for you though? If you give it to an enemy and they like them then they are either acting or have confirmed to you that they have bad taste (and you can win by feeling smug in knowing that).

Q: I’m known to have terrible taste, will I like these?

The answer is probably still no. but maybe?

Q: Is each set really unique? If I buy multiple sets will I get any duplicate dice?

We have a pretty wide mix AND when people buy more than one set, we make an extra effort to make sure the dice are varied between sets. BUT we don’t/won’t/can’t guarantee there wont be a duplicate die here or there– especially if you buy a ton of sets.

Q: Are they defective/damaged dice?

They will be functional dice. No damaged dice (ie cracked/dented/mis-shapen etc)… They certainly seem defective from a style/aesthetic point of view though.

Q: You said cursed…?

Yes. Just look at them.

Q: I was disappointed, what kind of review rating should I give this?

We fulfilled our end of the bargain. 5 Stars.

Q: I was not disappointed, what kind of review rating should I give this?

Pleasantly surprised then? Sounds like 5 Stars.

4 reviews for The Disappointment Set 2.0 | RPG Set of 7 Unmatched Dice | Each Die Is “Unique” | Joke Gift for People You Dont Really Like

  1. KC Wilkinson

    These are amazing. I don’t like dice to all be the same style or color. And these, while they are “defects” are just want I wanted. All different but 100% functional! I’ve already ordered more.

  2. Jared Moore

    Can’t wait to gift these fun dice!
    Update: I bought several sets of these dice. I gave these to my daughters and nieces in a Saran Wrap game – HUGE hit! They love their unique sets so much and got excited about trading. We had some ideas another why each die was “not perfect” but the vast majority of them are so perfect! SO FUN! Thank you!!!

  3. Starz Toons

    Fantastically cursed dice. I asked for the nastiest, ugliest, worst to look at dice they had, and BOY did they deliver! Came packaged with a sticker and a couple business cards, which was nice! The dice, despite their unfortunate design, are great quality. Absolutely would order again.

  4. Zoe

    Fun packaging with a free sticker. There was a fun variety of dice. The d20 in the cursed package I bought immediately rolled a nat 1, so that checks out. One of the d4s I received has an eye in it and it’s my favorite. There was also a duck and ladybug. Some are pretty, some have numbers missing. A nice variety.

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