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Sony PSP 3000 Custom Clear Shell Console | 128GB Fully Modded with Games and Emulators | New Shell + Buttons | Working UMD | CFW 6.61

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We are excited to offer our custom refurbished Sony PSP 3000 console with fully custom refurbished clear shell and buttons.

Each console has brand new clear shells and buttons installed along with a brand new 3rd party battery pack. We swapped out the original battery as many would swell up over time and

cause safety issues.

*Please note that Clear Red/Pink has Clear Red front plate and Clear Pink rear*

We provide an optional 128 GB SD card with many PSP games and thousands of retro games installed.

Package content includes

– Custom clear shell PSP 3000 console

– Brand New 3rd party battery

– (optional) 128 GB SD card with PSP and retro games pre-installed

Retro emulators include




– SEGA Genesis

– Game Boy

– PlayStation 1

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4 reviews for Sony PSP 3000 Custom Clear Shell Console | 128GB Fully Modded with Games and Emulators | New Shell + Buttons | Working UMD | CFW 6.61

  1. Luis Ramirez

    The PSP 300 Green Clear Case with full mods is an absolute game-changer for any PSP enthusiast. The vibrant green color and transparent design not only make it visually appealing but also provide a unique look into the customizations beneath the surface.
    The full range of mods included in this package significantly enhances the gaming experience. With custom firmware, you can run homebrew software and emulators, expanding your game library to a whole new level. The added features like increased processor speed, improved screen resolution, and extended battery life truly elevate the performance of the PSP 3000.

  2. Sign in with Apple user

    This thing is absolutely amazing and was just amazed on how many games there is. I’ve always wanted a cool psp like this and it’s worth getting if you’re looking into it. This is something cool to show off to friends and family.

  3. ii ITz Logan Play’s

    Works amazing would definitely buy again

  4. Bennie McElroy

    I thought it came with games installed for 149.99 i have to buy the 179.99 version with 128 gb memory that’s tooo much I might as well get a ps5 for that much just 200 dollars more

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