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SETTLERS Replacement Wood Game Pieces- Exact Same Size/Shape as original game pieces – 19 Color Options

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These are hand crafted from real hardwood, sanded smooth, and finished in the color of your choice. Also available unfinished if you want to paint them yourself. These are identical in size and shape to the original pieces (See video comparing size of original game pieces and ours)

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! We’ve made and sold thousands of these game piece sets in various colors. We stand by our products and ensure that you get the right color, consistent sizing, and accurate counts of pieces. If for whatever reason, you have an issue, we will happily make it right and get you what you need.

Replacement Pieces for popular board games as a full set for one player.

Standard and complete sets include:

– 4 Cities

– 5 Settlements

– 15 Roads

I can get them in any quantity you want.

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Get your matching Cities and Knights sets here:

Get your game piece holders right here:

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Please note: These game pieces DO NOT come with any cards, hexes or game board. You are buying an individual set of one color. It is meant to supplement the existing game you already own.

DISCLAIMER: This Settlers of Catan® game pieces and custom Catan® pieces and other Catan® accessories are supplements for the official Settlers of Catan® and/or official Catan® board games. Our custom Settlers of Catan boards, laser cut Catan® wooden boards/boxes, game pieces, and other accessories, are NOT OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCTS of Catan®. Catan® is the registered trademark of Catan GmbH. This serves as notice that JonesLaserWorks is not associated with or sponsored by Catan GmbH. In order to play Catan® with this accessory you must have already purchased, and currently own the official Catan® board game. We do not include nor sell anything that is protected by copyright or trademark laws. I own all my artwork and designs used.

4 reviews for SETTLERS Replacement Wood Game Pieces- Exact Same Size/Shape as original game pieces – 19 Color Options

  1. Ashleigh Aviles

    I purchased four sets of catan pieces. They all look great and the colors are true to the photos. Shipping was fast. I had a minor issues and he fixed it right away. I highly recommend this shop, thank you so much! Will reorder from here when I need more.

  2. Rebecca Mohler

    These are amazing! Beautiful colors and perfect shapes. Shipping is fast and packaged well. I can’t wait to play so I can be purple!

  3. Carly

    you wouldn’t even know they weren’t part of the base game. i was nervous that they wouldn’t match the shape of the original pieces or the color of the other expansions i ordered. matches everything perfectly!

  4. Lafe Wood

    My gold and grey colored Catan pieces look great! I love that you can get matching Seafarers and Cities & Knights pieces from the same seller.

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