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SET OF 4 or 6 HOLDERS: Wood Game Piece Organizer and Game Piece Holder- Laser Cut Organizer 1/4″ Thick for Settlers Game Pieces

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Laser Cut Custom game piece holders for standard game pieces. Organize your pieces and easily utilize them as you play. Designed to be the same size as the original game hexes, so it stores well in the original game box. Also stores well in our custom box (visit our Etsy store to see it).

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! We’ve made and sold over 7,500 of these game piece holders. We have had less than 10 people tell us their pieces did not fit. Each time that happened, we offered to custom make and ship a custom set for free to ensure they worked for the customer. If for whatever reason your pieces don’t fit, (to tight or too loose), please let us know so we can get you a set that works.

These are the exact same size as our hex tiles for our standard boards and are made out of 2 layers of 1/8″ Baltic Birch plywood so they are 1/4″ thick. They are sure to last for years of play and cut out with our laser to an accuracy of .001″. These come in a set of 4 or a set of 6 for this price. Not sure why people are charging ~$14 for each one, but we have hundreds of them in stock and have sold hundreds in the past couple months. They come sanded and ready to use, but can easily be finished/painted to the color(s) of your choice if you want.

Please note: DOES NOT INCLUDE GAME PIECES, those are pictured just to show you that they fit.

Dimensions of openings for game pieces are:

15 Road Spots: 0.221″ X 0.221″ (5.6mm x 5.6mm)

5 Settlement Spots: 0.618″ x 0.432″ (15.64mm x 10.97mm)

4 City Spots: 0.82″ x 0.432″ (88.86mm x 10.97mm)

These game piece organizers can be ordered in a four pack, or a six pack. I guarantee they will work with all the game pieces on our website. They do not work with the knock-off Chinese brand game pieces because they are so inconsistent in size. They do work with all versions of the Authentic and Official game pieces though.

Get your color-matched game pieces here:

I have several other boards, pieces, accessories, cards, organizers and boxes available. Click on JonesLaserWorks above to check out my store if you want to get more accessories for your board game.

Please note: This organizer DOES NOT come with any game pieces, cards or other game components. It is meant to supplement the existing game you already own.

DISCLAIMER: This custom Catan® accessory and other Catan® accessories are supplements for the official Settlers of Catan® and/or official Catan® board games. Our custom Settlers of Catan boards, laser cut Catan® wooden boards/boxes, game pieces, and other accessories, are NOT OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCTS of Catan®. Catan® is the registered trademark of Catan GmbH. This serves as notice that JonesLaserWorks is not associated with or sponsored by Catan GmbH. In order to play Catan® with this accessory you must have already purchased, and currently own the official Catan® board game. We do not include nor sell anything that is protected by copyright or trademark laws. I own all my artwork and designs used.

4 reviews for SET OF 4 or 6 HOLDERS: Wood Game Piece Organizer and Game Piece Holder- Laser Cut Organizer 1/4″ Thick for Settlers Game Pieces

  1. Shana

    Lot of fun for our game night! A couple of the holders had spaces that were too small for pieces. Bit overall great! We would order again.

  2. Sarah Leverenz

    Wow!! Fast shipping and They look great. My roads wobble a bit but I’m sure it’s hard to make them compact and hold those little guys perfectly. Can’t wait to give them to my friends (we have played Catan almost weekly for years!) I plan on staining them.

  3. Amy Waddle

    I ordered the Catan game board boarder and the house and game piece organizer for my husband for Christmas. We used them with our board last night and LOVED it. It is one of our favorite family games to play and we will definitely be playing it more using your product. Thank you! This was my first time ordering something handmade from Etsy, so I was leery, but your product was just as it stated, shipped fast, arrived with plenty of time and was reasonably priced! I will definitely be buying more in the future! I am glad I measured my pieces before ordering to ensure that it fit perfectly and it did!

  4. Angela Jarman

    These are so awesome! When I initially searched for something like this, others popped up listing for like $14 a piece.. I needed 12 (heck no!) So I kept scrolling and loved how in their description they thought those other listings were also outrageous! Thanks for these fun Catan piece holders.

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