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Serenity 7 piece sharp edge polyhedral dice set.

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7 piece sharp edges polyhedral dice set for DND with colorful fantasy map. Handmade, custom inking available.

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4 reviews for Serenity 7 piece sharp edge polyhedral dice set.

  1. vandralon

    Just as pictured, thanks! Dice are a bit smaller than I would like/what I’m used to, but not unreasonably so.

  2. rebeccavlyon

    The dice are gorgeous! The pattern is beautiful and the inking is very well done. They also arrived quickly and the seller was friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be shopping here again 🙂

  3. Kate Sokolovsky

    My phone’s camera is not good enough to do these dice justice. The print used is so textured and detailed. These dice are gorgeous and really unique. (The lettering color I chose was Rose Gold, for reference.)

  4. Renee Armstrong

    These dice are truly some of the most beautiful I’ve ever purchased! The pictures don’t really do them justice. I love the shapes and they are so satisfying to hold and roll! Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. And! I rolled a nat20 on my first roll, so how’s that for a review?

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