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Resource building board game, game board only, family games night

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Do you love fun resource building board games? Our beautiful wooden resource tile game board is laser cut from two layers of birch. Each piece is approximately 1/4 inch thick and dyed fun colours to show off the beautiful wood.

We have two options for you to choose from! You can select the 2-4 player base game, or the combination pack which is the base game plus the expansion pack.

What’s included in the *2-4 players base* game board:

– 19 resource hexes

– 6 border tiles

– 9 harbours

– 18 number tokens

What’s included in the *base plus expansion* combination package:

– 2-4 player base game board AND the 5-6 player expansion pack:

– 4 additional border tiles

– 11 additional resource hexes

– 2 additional harbours

– 10 additional number tokens

Local pickup option**! Use the code LOCALPICKUP at checkout to remove shipping. We’ll send you a message when your order is ready to arrange pick up. Must be able to pick up in Carstairs, Alberta. **Please note that if you use the local pickup code and you are not local, your order will be canceled.

***Note that you will still need to own an official copy of the resource building game in order to play with this wooden game board. This wooden game board is meant to increase your enjoyment of playing and provide a long-lasting beautiful wooden version to play on, not replace the entire game.

DISCLAIMER: Twisted Grain is not associated with or sponsored by Catan GmbH. Catan® is a registered trademark of Catan GmbH. To play Catan® with this compatible accessory you must have already purchased or currently own Catan® and the 5-6 player expansion pack.***

4 reviews for Resource building board game, game board only, family games night

  1. Micheline

    It’s beautiful and every piece is well-crafted! It arrived quite quickly and was so nicely packaged. We had such a blast playing!

  2. Brie Bryer

    The quality and attention to detail is amazing!! Bought as a Christmas gift for two loved ones that love to play and this was a perfect upgrade for them! Stunning work – they loved it!

  3. Lauryn Hill

    The board is absolutely beautiful! My only very minor critique is there is some variation in the colouration between different pieces of the same type, however that’s reasonably expected with a hand-crafted product. It was packaged well and arrived without any damage. This one was also the best for overall price based on all the Etsy businesses I searched through. It was less expensive to buy this board WITH the 5-6 player expansion than it was to buy just the main 3-4 player board alone from any of the other businesses. So worth it. I love it!
    (The image I included is just my setup of the main 3-4 player board, expansion pieces are not shown in my image)

  4. Justin Hudspeth

    Beautiful centerpiece of my new Catan ensemble. Best bang-for-the-buck of wooden Catan board pieces on Etsy.

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