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Randice Random Character Generator dice set – d&d dice set for fans of Critical Role or Dungeons and Dragons

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A random character generator dice set to end boring and predictable charcters and npcs in your tabletop rpg campaigns!


Randice is a dice system with eight dice that define alligment (chaothic evil, legal neutral, neutral bad…), race (between the D&D 3.0 races), gender, social class, worst and best skill (between the 6 in D&D) for creating easy and quick random characters for tabletop rol games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Discworld, Anima, etc. The general aesthetic of the dice, the packaging and all the extras are inspired by the old school Dungeons and Dragons logos, guidebooks and illustrations. Do you want a complete definded character? Grab the 8 dice in your hands and yeah, shake and roll! There you go, easy peasy, you have a complete character now. You also can define individual characteristics by rolling the dice duo or the individual you want. With Randice you can create full NPCS, individual traits about them and reactions!

4 reviews for Randice Random Character Generator dice set – d&d dice set for fans of Critical Role or Dungeons and Dragons

  1. Jacq

    These dice are super awesome! They are high contrast enough to make them easy to read and even comes with a little key booklet to let you know what all the symbols mean. It makes character creation much more fun and interesting!
    A side note for those that care: there is a LGBTQ-friendly die that lets non-binary gender(s) be an option, which I got on my first roll. Very unique, and I hope others can appreciate that.

  2. Kelly Vanderleek

    The dice shipped the same day I ordered. It was delivered so quickly and the set was exactly what I needed. This is a great shop and a terrific idea for dice. It really helps with NPCs and character development. Thank you!!

  3. Jack

    They’re such great quality and I’ve already had great fun rolling up characters that I can use as NPCs and as inspiration for drawing characters. Highly recommend if you’re a creative type who needs to fill in your fictional world

  4. ThatGuySoko

    Awesome dice! These are such a fun idea for new players uncertain about a choice or veterans that want to mix it up.
    I will say though that the imagery on the dice themselves was not super consistent. Some dice had sides missing black coloring entirely and it was a bit sporadic. Nevertheless, still a great product!

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