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Quacks of Quedlinburg Token Cauldrons / Token holder / Storage / Game add-on

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Upgrade your tabletop experience with these custom made Quacks of Quedlinburg token holders and storage pots!

Tired of using the clear plastic bags to store all of your ingredient tokens? These unique token cauldrons make setup and storage a breeze by doubling as a pot for your tokens in game as well as a convenient storage pot that fits neatly into the box!


–What’s in the box–


8x coloured pots with lids (colours to match the standard Quacks of Quedlinburg ingredient tokens)

Standard+ expansions:

All 8x pots included in the standard option plus an additional dark green pot and lid for the Locoweed ingredient


–Upgraded player pieces now available!–

Add custom upgraded player pieces to your order and save on shipping!

What’s included with the standard set?

1x Flame brazier (Round tracker)

4x Rat tail tokens

4x Droplet tokens

4x Test tube tokens (For the B side variant)

4x Cauldrons (For scoring)

What’s included with the standard + expansions set?

1x Flame brazier (Round tracker)

5x Rat tail tokens

5x Droplet tokens

5x Test tube tokens (For the B side variant)

5x Bubble tokens (For Alchemists expansion)

5x Cauldrons (For scoring)


–Token shields/Upgraded tokens–

The cauldrons neatly fit all of the tokens required for the base game and expansions. Unfortunately tokens with plastic shields and upgraded tokens are bigger and will not all fit within the pots so any that don’t fit into the pots will likely need to be stored in separate bags.

I’m working on a larger version that will be able to accommodate shielded and upgraded tokens but this will take some time.


All of the items are 3d printed in PLA plastic on a high end professional grade 3d printer. Every print is exceptionally high quality but expect some layer lines and occasional roughness in certain areas. PLA plastic can warp if left in intense sunlight or high temperatures, please be mindful of this when storing the items.

The Three Knights Etsy shop is not affiliated with Schmidt Spiele games.

4 reviews for Quacks of Quedlinburg Token Cauldrons / Token holder / Storage / Game add-on

  1. Veldi Games

    Item matched the description and pics, love my little cauldrons for all my quacks tokens! Work perfectly.

  2. A. Kalotta

    What beautiful potties for the quacks! Very beautifully crafted, lovingly thought out design.
    An absolute must-have for fans of this game. It looks so cute on the table and is so practical. The ingredients are nicely stored. The ingredient books now take up much less space and are also much easier to read.
    The seller is the nicest I’ve ever met. Also reliable and fast.
    I will definitely buy again! 🙂
    Best wishes!

  3. Tricia

    Absolutely brilliant. The cauldrons are just perfect and just what we were looking for to store and use the tokens. Beautifully made and great service from seller.

  4. Emily Braine

    Just what I was looking for. These games are great but the plastic storage bags are not the one. I was looking for something that could be used to store tokens but would also look cool!
    These are amazing and so unique. The detail is awesome. And the best part is that they fit into the game box PERFECTLY. Having the cauldrons and cards together also saves space on the table.
    Played this a few times with friends since buying the cauldrons and it’s been a real hit. Really recommend buying from here and will be certainly purchasing again for board game storage!

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