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Quacks of Quedlinburg Ingredient Chips Tokens

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Generic partially clear Quacks of Quedlinburg 3D printed ingredient chip tokens. Tokens are 5mm thick.

*Ingredients (game pieces) and game not included*

Base includes 220 pieces

Base + Herb includes 376 pieces

Base + Herb + Alch includes 446 pieces

Herb Only includes 156 pieces

Alche Only includes 70 pieces

*If you need thicker tokens (e.g. 7mm) to fit an existing set, send us a message and we may be able to custom make them

4 reviews for Quacks of Quedlinburg Ingredient Chips Tokens

  1. Jennifer Smith

    Product arrived in a timely manner. Good quality. The chips from the game fit nice and snug. I just got the base set and realized after I needed the Herb set because my bf forgot to tell me he had the witches and herbs

  2. Latasha Greer

    Once we were able to properly get the pieces in they make things so much easier

  3. Jennifer Smith

    I ordered the herb set and they came in a few days. Happy with the quality! The tokens fit nice and snug.

  4. Chris Mathwig

    Fast shipping. Adds that little bit of extra clickity clack which is very satisfying

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