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PSVITA 1000/2000 Personalize Per your liking w (Free Hard Pouch/Clear Shell/Screen Protector/Wrist strap)

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*Psvita will now come with clear shell with every order

*512gb+ Orders will come with L2 and R2 Grips

*Psvita 1000 or Psvita Oled are the same thing, typo that I cannot correct sadly.

We offer the same services as most but for a more affordable price! We also offer a choice, you get to choose the games you want on the device, if its possible, consider it done!! Any questions feel free to ask, I try to respond as soon as possible!

PSvitas are in like new condition or slightly used, no blemishes on the screen unless I state otherwise! Consoles ratings are a solid 9/10

Ship same day! Only if purchased before 8am eastern time. I ship Monday-Saturday.

After 5pm I drop off my final orders then I usually get a power nap for roughly 4hrs, if you contact me during those hours and I do not respond, please be patient. I will message the first chance I get.


* Retroarch(optional) packaged with a lot of titles(Sega , Snes, gba, atari,n64 and many more) Optional recommended for 256gb storages and higher

* Vita ports (Max Payne, GTA , Half-life, San Andreas, bully,Mario Kart and many more) community ports preloaded

*Any (OTOME/Translations/Rpg/adventure/action/racing/turn base/card/ etc.

*Can remote play to PS4 and PS3

*Can connect to PS4 controllers

*Has Bluetooth and wifi

*Still has access to the PSN Store

*Custom theme manager installed, 1000+ themes for you to explore

*PKGJ installed


*Personalized data for PSvita! Make a request! Check out the reviews as well!

*Screen Protector front and back

*Micro usb charging cable

*Wrist Strap

*Hard Case Pouch

*Clear Shell


Has optional storage options which is highly recommended for more content! contact me for more info!

4 reviews for PSVITA 1000/2000 Personalize Per your liking w (Free Hard Pouch/Clear Shell/Screen Protector/Wrist strap)

  1. CapnRon

    LIKE WHAAA?! Till this Day, This damn Console Holds so much weight of being one of the Goats! I wonder why so many slept on this console, talked about it. It’s damn near perfect! Also Dylon and Averytech! Dude is the man for real and I’ve already ordered the 3DS from him (Which is another Banger).
    So many Games, Themes, Cheats haha, and so much more on this handheld GoldMine. Thank you Again Brotha! You already know I’ll be returning again for another Gem! Straight Nostalgia just right in your fingertips. If y’all ain’t got one yet! Grab you one! I swear you won’t be disappointed. Also Hella fast Delivery at that! Take Care Dylon!

  2. GamesNStuff

    I have been eyeing the PS Vita from Dylon’s shop for almost a year now and finally got one!!! I ordered the Black Vita with screen scratches, but they’re not even noticeable. I was surprised the order came so well packaged. Shows that he takes a lot of care when shipping these out. Speaking of shipping, it was so fast! I ordered the Vita yesterday (granted, it was at 1 P.M.) and it got here a couple of hours ago! Everything works perfectly and Dylon has answered all of my questions with very detailed answers even when I didn’t place the order yet. He has such great customer service and I’m likely to buy from him again. Thank you Dylon!!!

  3. Arik Owens

    I can’t lie to anybody when I say that at first, this was too good to be true. Especially with such a big purchase! However, Dylon answered my questions almost immediately and promised EXACTLY what he was selling. PLUS more. I can’t thank him enough for being patient with me since I had lots of questions for him as he respectfully replied in next to no time. He even threw in a couple of cool extra things like a portable hand-held support for the vita with L2 & R2 buttons for the touchpad in rear instead of swiping for games requiring that use. Along with a screen protector already put on and 2 extra lanyard loops and a good clear plastic casing. The shipping was fast as I am on the other side of the country so that was a plus also.

  4. Vmoon

    One thing Dylon is NOT gonna do is to disappoint you!! This is my second buy from him, I first got the 3ds a year ago and till this day works perfectly and this Psvita is not the exception!!! Looks brand new, he got me ALL the games that I wanted and more! Great services over all 11100000/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🆙👍

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