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Premium Mystery Unmatched/Mixed Set of (7) Dice | Each Die Is Unique | TTRPG Dice Set

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WHAT THIS IS: An unmatched/mixed complete set of acrylic/resin dice from our catalog. Premium because they tend to be fancier dice (sparkles, layers, 2 and 3 color swirl, translucent, inclusions etc).

INCLUDED: (1) D20, (1) D12, (1) D00, (1) D10, (1) D8, (1) D6, (1) D4. NOTE: EACH DIE WILL BE A DIFFERENT STYLE.

PACKAGED IN: These will be packaged in a small brown kraft bag with our logo on it.



Q: Are these B-grade dice?

No. These are good dice that’re pulled from our regular catalog– and need a good loving home. See photos for examples of the kind of mixed set you might get.

Q: How do you make these sets?

Two words: Dice. Orphans. ‘:D Often we send out individual replacement dice, and the rest of the set is set aside as orphaned dice. Thats where these dice are pulled from. Basically, we have bins of orphaned dice which we amass from our regular operations. Whenever a set is incomplete its divided up into these bins. Please adopt today! Only you can end dice orphans.

Q: Are any types of dice more common in this offering?

Yes! Our best sellers are most common– as they are the sets that we go through more quickly and thus are more likely to need customer replacements for (thus, orphaning the rest of the set!). Oh, also, we exclude metal dice, and oversized/large dice as they just wouldn’t mesh well with the other dice.

Q: Will I get duplicates if I order a lot of sets?

Most likely not, given how many options are mixed in. However, the nature of random means it COULD be possible. If you’re ordering a large amount of them it’s more possible.

Q: How does your mystery set differ from others?

Well, we cant speak EXACTLY to how others do it, but given our large catalog, we would imagine we have more potential options.

Q: Are all your suppliers/manufacturers included?

Most are, yes!

4 reviews for Premium Mystery Unmatched/Mixed Set of (7) Dice | Each Die Is Unique | TTRPG Dice Set

  1. Angela DeSabatino

    These are pretty fugly, some don’t roll normally but instead bounce as whatever is inside tips them over weirdly. Sort of feel like I got some that should have been put in the garbage. I like a couple of the ones in my Disappointment cursed bag set, but out of both sets I’ll maybe keep 2 4-siders and 2 8-siders. I don’t find the value in this, maybe I got unlucky. Mhmm.

  2. Alex M.

    Lovely math rocks! My favorites are the shimmery blue-green d12 and the swirly red and white d20. For me the surprise of getting unmatched mystery dice is more fun than picking out a specific set so I’m a big fan! Shipped quickly and arrived safely.

  3. Matthew Snyder

    The random dice look great! A full set of random designs and colors. Always fun to open.

  4. Hirokusbane

    Havent seen the dice themselves at this point but quick delivery, reasonable price, nice little stocking stuffer for the D&D nerd near you. Only thing I noticed is one of the bags had a die peaking out the side. Little tape and its back to a mystery pack. No complaints.

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