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Pre Order shipped on 8 January 4 Buttons For Miyoo Mini & Mini Plus (Device not included) (plz read the description)

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Don’t use ipa alcohol to clean your device or buttons. Only 70* alcohol.

Only for the New Miyoo PLUS and the V2 version of the miyoo mini,

-Tear down/disassembling the Miyoo be very careful the power buttons and screen cable can break very easily.

installing the buttons requires dismantling the console.

-Here you buy a set of 4 buttons for Miyoo Plus compatible and perfect fit with the miyoo mini v2.

Device not included

-The buttons are 3D printed with high quality resin, very thin layers of printing may be visible. Textured satin finish


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4 reviews for Pre Order shipped on 8 January 4 Buttons For Miyoo Mini & Mini Plus (Device not included) (plz read the description)

  1. Sandy Rodriguez

    It looks really good with my purple mini miyoo +

  2. kyle leasure

    I accidentally ordered the wrong buttons meant to get us SNES accidentally purchased EU SNES (my own fault) decided to put them in anyway, and I’m super happy! These look and feel great in my clear purple Miyoo!

  3. Jason Wallingford

    Awesome! I am super proud of myself for surviving that modification without completely destroying my MM+ lol, it was super easy and it only took me about 20 minutes all said and done. I can’t wait for my Odin 2, I will definitely be returning for another round of custom buttons. Thanks Sakura!

  4. Bailey

    These buttons are excellent! A perfect fit, and I find the texture of the buttons much more satisfying than the stock ones.
    Shipping does take a long time, but the quality is worth the wait for me. I loved them so much I’ve already placed an order for more, and I’ll definitely come back here if I find myself wanting to customize future consoles.

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