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Pre-Configured Analogue Pocket Micro SD Card Retro Boot Expansion Upgrade/Replacement! Plug-N-Play Ready!

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Bringing back the classics in their best form at a fraction of the cost!

Buy with confidence! I have been professionally refurbishing, modding and repairing consoles and PC’s for over 20 years and selling them and my services on eBay for over 16 years. All with a straight 100% feedback rating.

Analogue Pocket with a 128GB or 256GB Micro SD Retro Arcade Plug-N-Play Ready games card (Analogue Pocket Not Included).

I only use high quality micro SD cards. If there is a brand or type you prefer I can use Whatever you like.

This is fully configured and loaded with all the current updates. I have made 2 of THE BEST hand picked collections out there with over 10,000 games! The bigger the card the more of the collection you can hold, contact me for more details.

Fully supports Analogue Pocket and has all of it’s controls and settings pre-mapped to work Immediately.

ARCADE, NES, SNES, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, Sega Genesis, WonderSwan, PC Engine, NEO-GEO, Tamagotchi, etc. Any requests you have can be fulfilled!

This card can also be used for custom roms and rom hacks as well!

This bundle includes:

✔️ A 128GB or 256GB Micro SD Card

❌ Analogue Pocket NOT included

Bundle Features:

✔️ Thousands of hours of entertainment

✔️ Custom Artwork + Gameplay Videos

✔️ User-friendly Interface

✔️ Easy Plug-N-Play Installation

✔️ Best Customer Support: I am very quick to respond and always available, just read my reviews. You will see I try very hard to make sure you’re happy with everything and have video tutorials made for everything. I will also make a video of your purchase so you can review it BEFORE anything is sent.

📝Disclaimers + Important Information

This listing DOES NOT violate any copyright policies.

The contents of this card are obtained freely and are of the Public Domain (FREEWARE/OPEN-SOURCE software and can be found & downloaded freely on the internet). You are not paying this cards contents but paying for immense amount of time and hours it takes produce this card, manually adjust the settings to your console, and the physical storage.

Juke Industries is a seller and refurbisher electronic goods. We do not own any copyrights, trademarks or IP affiliation. All included covers are custom-made, homebrew or open source/freeware and are always freely distributed. Buyer is paying for time spent cleaning, testing and restoring items provided in listing. This listing does not contain any content that is deemed restricted or otherwise copyrighted and meets all of Etsy’s provided guidelines and policies, adheres to all copyright licensing agreements and distribution laws. If you have any additional questions and concerns, please feel free to reach out.

4 reviews for Pre-Configured Analogue Pocket Micro SD Card Retro Boot Expansion Upgrade/Replacement! Plug-N-Play Ready!

  1. Nicholas Underwood

    Literally everything I could have asked for and more. Turned my pocket into a dope ass device. Love it. You won’t be disappointed with this!!!

  2. Melissa Pham

    First of all, I gotta say Chris is the BEST of the best. CANNOT express this enough whatsoever. When my SD card came, there was literally no files in the card and we were both confused on how this was possible considering he had sent me a video showing me the games that I requested along with the console collections that are on the card. After addressing the issue, we found out that we had to update my SD card and transfer everything back. Chris literally took about three hours of HIS FREE time to rebuild my finished SD card virtually and sent me detailed instructions on how to transfer my files and install the firmware for my SD card. Everything works fantastic, and he even sent me some Pokémon roms! Chris knows what he is doing and is quite skilled, above my expectations and can’t wait for him to set up my RG405. Go with him!

  3. Andy Clarke

    I just ordered a brand new Analogue Pocket for my birthday, and I was looking into the Open FPGA cores and wanted to implement them into my system. Juke Industries did a fantastic job compiling the micro SD card, going above and beyond by directly messaging me and being fully transparent about the processing of the order and any questions I had. The response of the messages were prompt and detailed. The item arrived very fast once it was shipped, and all of the games that were mentioned are included and working. I highly recommend this seller, and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future!

  4. Hairy Hogmother

    Superb! Absolutely perfect! Top shelf quality, no mids here. Just insert and you’re ready to play.

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