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Pokemon Unbound – Rom Hack – Gameboy Advance – Cartridge

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Welcome to Borrius, a region rich with history. Centuries ago, the Borrian people were enveloped in a great war with a foreign land. When all seemed lost, the Borrian king summoned a powerful force to help turn the tide of battle. Unfortunately, the war ended in defeat when the king of the foreign land unleashed a devastating weapon. Disgruntled, the Borrian army returned home.

The people, now enraged against the Borrian king, attempted a coup by manipulating the dark force summoned during the war. The Borrian king was able to seal away its power, however, and the coup was thwarted.

Many years later, an organization known simply as the “Shadows” seems bent on releasing the dark force once again. Are they after the destruction of the Borrius region, or is there something else at play? It’s up to you to stand in their way!

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4 reviews for Pokemon Unbound – Rom Hack – Gameboy Advance – Cartridge

  1. Hunter Perkins

    Item quality is great. Very fun game. Has customize options and side quests. Only issue I had is that the sticker can get snagged on the edge of the system and peel off

  2. C L

    You can customize what your character wears and their skin color, plus there’s a cool new original story!! I haven’t finished it yet but so far I’m so impressed! I play a lot of these fan made games, and this is one I would highly recommend

  3. Alex

    Haven’t had the chance yet to sit down and do a full review of the game but in terms of the seller they shipped fast and the products were in good condition. GBA Case was slightly chipped but it still boots up and runs fine. Hope to keep enjoying my play through as it goes along!

  4. Andy Pedersen

    The game works. I swapped it out into a higher quality glow-in-the-dark shell, but what came was completely serviceable. My big question when I bought it was if it would come with a battery. It does!! Also shipping was blazing fast! I recommend this if you are on the fence.

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