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Pokemon Ultimate Fusion – Rom Hack – Gameboy Advance – GBA

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Begin your adventure in Littleroot town, where you save the region’s professor. Your reward for saving him, the same as in the original Pokemon Emerald, is a starter pokemon. But… the starters are all fusions of 2 different Pokemon! And the same goes for all the other Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Ultimate Fusion is an Emerald Hack with Fusion Pokémon instead of normal ones and some Minor Changes to improve your experience.


-Fusion Pokemon.

-Revamped Trainer Teams.

-Updated Stats & Moves.

-Some Minor Changes.

If you have any custom requests, feel free to visit my custom cartridge listing:

4 reviews for Pokemon Ultimate Fusion – Rom Hack – Gameboy Advance – GBA

  1. Goliath

    Game came fast and plays great no issues so far. 10/10 would buy again!!!

  2. Nigel Tanglao

    Cartridge quality looks and plays great on my Game Boy Advance! Prompt shipping. Highly recommend buying games from this seller.

  3. Sean corridon

    Shipped quickly and my cartridge works quite well very pleased

  4. C L

    Made in emerald, so far follows same story but with custom pokemon with new typing! Very cool

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