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Pokemon Storm Silver – Rom Hack – Nintendo DS – Cartridge

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This cartridge works on all DS consoles from DS/DS Lite to 3DS/2DS systems. It will show up as another game, often Spongebob, in the DS menu. When you boot the cartridge it will boot directly into the game you ordered.

The cartridge may also look slightly different than pictured. Please message me for a current picture of what the cartridges look like.

If you have any custom requests, feel free to visit my custom cartridge listing:

All 493 Pokémon are available to catch in-game. It also introduces a greater difficulty curve and changes to Pokémon to make some of them better.

Among other things, Storm Silver is full of new scripted events and other aesthetic changes to make it both full of content and a pleasure to look at.

This cartridge comes with the label shown, says the name of a different game in the DS menu and boots directly into the game (please allow 10-20 seconds for it to boot).

4 reviews for Pokemon Storm Silver – Rom Hack – Nintendo DS – Cartridge

  1. Charles Tan

    Had an issue with the boot initially but the vendor is fast with their replies. Stellar rom hack.

  2. Andrew

    This is the second item I’ve ordered from the seller. Shipping was quick & the game functions well!

  3. Samuel

    I love it! Difficulty is a little higher than the standard edition, and oh boy, it shows. Slight issue, very minor, and it doesn’t necessarily break the game: I have noticed that during certain animations, like entering buildings, loading into a battle, the game freezes up and the only way past this is to close the software and restart. If you remember to save frequently, this is really just a minor annoyance, and very easy to ignore whenever it happens. Just remember to SAVE OFTEN! For me, this normally happens once every 30 minutes. Other than that, LOVE IT!

  4. Aaron Coleman

    The game plays amazing! I have been playing Pokemon ROM hacks for years, and yet I’ve never played the ones based on the NDS games. So, thanks for allowing me the chance to play it, especially since I finally got the proper DS for the game. The cartridge looks exactly what was shown in the picture.

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