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Pokeball Game Case, 16 Nintendo Switch Games, Nintendo DS Game Case, SD Card Holder, Game Room Accessory

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Introducing our 3D-printed Pokéball Game Case – a fusion of nostalgia and functionality! 🎮🔴⚪️ Crafted with attention to detail, this case is a must-have for Pokémon enthusiasts and gamers alike. Its eye-catching design replicates the iconic Pokéball, while the durable material provides protection for your Nintendo Switch & Nintendo DS games. With precision-fit slots, it securely holds 16 game cartridges, ensuring you’re always ready for your next gaming adventure. Elevate your gaming experience with a touch of Pokémon magic – catch ’em all and keep your games safe in style! 🌟🕹️

This item is printed using PLA filament, which is deemed safe, non-toxic, & biodegradable. PLA filament can be more brittle than standard plastic & if dropped on a hard surface, this item could break. 3D printed items are not perfect, items could have minor defect on them when they are received. If product defects are so bad as the look of the product or the integrity of the product is bad, we will reprint item & inform of any shipping delays.

Dimensions: 4″ Diameter

Weight: 10 oz packaged

Boxed Dimensions: 6″x6″x6″

Please allow 1-2 weeks for printing & assembling the item to ship out. If ordering custom color, please allow up to 10 days for production & prepping for shipment.

Design is done by ThinAir3D, I do have a commercial license, which allows me to sell the prints of the digital designs.

4 reviews for Pokeball Game Case, 16 Nintendo Switch Games, Nintendo DS Game Case, SD Card Holder, Game Room Accessory

  1. Cora

    It was a gift for a friend, shipping took longer than expected but the item came in such good quality that I really wasn’t bothered. I had to talk to the seller and they responded quickly and were very informative and friendly.

  2. Lupe Romero

    it’s bigger than expected but i love it it’s so cute

  3. Chloe Mari

    The seller responded to my DM quick and shipping came as the expected arrival time! There was a bit of the white material that stuck out on the front circle area of the poke-ball, but it’s almost unnoticeable (I think sanding it will help!) I’m still very satisfied with this item, the stand looks cool, and I’m excited to gift it to my s/o!

  4. Aiden

    The pokeball was bot an exact color and was rough and broke the part that opens it really easily

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