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Painted Wooden Food for Wingspan

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These beautiful painted wooden tokens are perfect for Wingspan, a must-have upgrade! We have serveral different quantity options, depending on your usage. Please note that none of the packs come with nectar (from the Oceania expansion) – we have 2 different options for that in a separate store listing!

The 40-piece option is the correct quantity to match what comes with the European Expansion. If you don’t already have the 105-piece base game consider getting that set instead, or in addition.

The 105-piece base game upgrade kit for Wingspan contains 21 painted wooden pieces for each of the 5 bird food types (same quantities as the base game).

The 145-piece option includes the same 105 for the base game, plus an extra 40 food tokens (8 of each of the 5 food types) for the European Expansion. It does NOT include nectar tokens for the Oceania expansion, although those are available separately.

The 81-piece option is the correct quantities to match what comes in the Asia expansion to Wingspan. It includes the 5 main food types (still no nectar) in beautifully painted form.

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade kit is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not a Stonemaier Games product.

4 reviews for Painted Wooden Food for Wingspan

  1. Andrés Angeles

    Very good product quality, the light gloss gives it a fairly premium finish. Excellent purchase!!

  2. Derp Tastic

    I got the Wingspan base set wood pieces. They turned out great just as advertised. Also, I appreciate the quick shipping during the holidays.

  3. Suzanne O’Donnell

    Very high quality, and so adorable! They are smaller than what I had pictured, but are perfect in every way. Can’t wait to break them out tonight!

  4. Leigh Ann Nichols

    I love these wooden game pieces. It makes Wingspan that much more fun to play. They are so cute and well made. The shipping was fast too. Thank you!

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