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Oak Cards and Marbles Game

(5 customer reviews)


A hand-painted 18x18x.75 inch board made from oak wood. Double sided for four (4) or six (6) players. Comes with 9/16 inch marbles, one (1) deck of cards, and game instructions.

Similar to Carbles™ or Aggravation

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5 reviews for Oak Cards and Marbles Game

  1. Valerie O

    We spent a week with friends in FL and they had this game, they call it Tuck, and we were hooked. So I had to find this board. The piece is high quality and is made very well. I received the order earlier then anticipated. I like that you can flip the board over for 4 players and the other side is for 6 players. It comes with rules to the game, all the marbles you need and a deck of cards. Great game! Thank you to the craftmen and/or women!

  2. Matthew

    Glad you are happy with our board. The alignment is off because all divots are router drilled by hand. This is not made with a CNC or any machine except the router. Holes are hand-painted also. Regards, JJS Woodworking

  3. sqhgg9q3

    Pretty good quality! Really excited to play it! Only thing I’d mention is the alignment of the divots. They’re not perfectly straight and the spacial distancing isn’t symmetrical. Regardless, the product seems great.

  4. Anonymous

    This was exactly what I was looking for! The game is as I remember it from my time in central Minnesota with family and friends. The craftsmanship is second to none–it is just perfect.

  5. klarson2688

    This is a great Cards and Marbles board! the finish was perfect and absolutely no warping of the wood. It arrived a lot sooner than expected. We can’t wait to use it!

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