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Nintendo DS Lite Console Custom Renewed Modded Switch DS Lite with new 3rd party Case with Charger USG-001 +Charger

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Nintendo DS Lite Console Custom Renewed Modded Switch DS Lite with new 3rd party Case with Charger USG-001 +Charger

The DS Lite has been tested and is fully functional! 100% guaranteed. All systems get disassembled completely for a complete cleaning,

🎮Color Option:

If you don’t see exactly color what you’re looking for, contact us and we will communicate and find what exactly you’re looking for!

🎮Mod Your own DS Lite :

A-Change Button Color + HKD 117

B-Change Button Color&Screw foot Pad + HKD 192

C-Change Button&Screen Color + HKD 192

D-Change ButtonColor&Screw foot Pad&Screen Color + HKD 265


Host with built-in 850mahz Battery & built-in Custom buttons &Screw foot Pad (if u choose) * 1

USB charging cable * 1

Packing box * 1

✈️All Orders from this product come with a 30-day warranty, We offer Free Shipping to Unite State . All old parts will be retrieved.

✈️About Processing:

– Customed Products: take 5-15 business days

✈️About Shipping:

– US/UK/EU/Canada/AU : Shipping usually takes about 7-11 business days

– Other Countris : 7-20 business days

– All Country Upgrate to UPS or DHL : 3-7 business days

Please note before placing an order:

-To speed up the mailing process, I will process the package & deliver it to the logistics company ASAP . Therefore, please understand that once the order is successfully paid, no refund will be accepted;

– Packages that require international transportation can only be transported after being processed by the logistics provider. During this period, your logistics info may be empty, but pls be patient and it will soon come out;

-On the premise of ensuring long-term normal operation of the machine, Some screws may not be installed to make the new buttons more elastic. If you’d like a tough button, please let me know and I will install all the screws.

– Generally speaking, the time for international transportation is 10-25 working days, which varies from country to country.

4 reviews for Nintendo DS Lite Console Custom Renewed Modded Switch DS Lite with new 3rd party Case with Charger USG-001 +Charger

  1. David Wiebe

    Minor imperfections such as the DS not closing completely, seems like a slightly bent upper frame, x button being on upside down and the A button having a slight scuff. They really are minor though. Works perfect, came completely sealed to avoid any scratches or fingerprints on the shell. Shipping took a long time but was no fault of the seller and they were kind enough to refund the express shipping I paid for.
    Overall I would say it is a good product and I think I will order another soon as this one was a gift!

  2. Geneva Pearce

    while the shipping took a bit, it was well worth the wait. this Ds lite is so beautiful and sleek! it plays great and gas good battery life, and comes with a charging cable for the batteries. it also comes with screen protectors, though the bottom screen seems to be indented a bit so it isn’t as cleanly applied as the top screen. still very nice!

  3. Miles Atchison

    I am a little bit disappointed due to the border around the screens being white instead of black like the photos. IN addition, the shell is a bit sharp on the edges and the stylus doesn’t slide easily.
    Still, it looks great, and plays perfectly so I can’t be too unhappy.

  4. jacobjohnson88

    Color is true to the photos, and the DS looks and functions great. Shipping was also faster than expected. I’m very happy with it!!

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