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Medieval Bone Dice Set (qty 5) – Viking Spots D6 set for Gaming, SCA, Creative Anachronism

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Whether telling fortunes or playing games of chance, these bone dice are sure to win! Each die is slightly different as they are all handmade, but they feature the rustic dot-in-circle pip motif found in historic Viking dice. 1cm cubes, made from ethically sourced buffalo bone.

4 reviews for Medieval Bone Dice Set (qty 5) – Viking Spots D6 set for Gaming, SCA, Creative Anachronism

  1. Laura Herron

    Prompt shipping, good quality product. Smaller than modern gaming dice but I knew to expect that ahead of time. Good set for on the go gaming. 10/10 product & service.
    A word of advice to future buyers- bone is softer than rock, resin, and metal. Store them separately from the rest of your dice hoard.

  2. Joshua Young

    Beautiful! They’re more dense than I was expecting and that’s a plus. I was worried they’re be too light. Really great aesthetic.

  3. Jeremy Weeks

    These were good dice. They did match the online description, which I feel was not as clear as it should be. However, they did not meet my expectations. These dice are much smaller than the black horn dice from the same seller for the same price. In the photos they appear to be the same size, but they aren’t. They are good dice and they looked great but weren’t what I wanted. I returned them for a different set as they were too small for my need. The seller was gracious and helpful and I was able to return these dice and get a set that better fit my needs. I would buy – and have bought – from this seller again. These dice may not be five stars, but the seller is.

  4. Nedrawevot

    The black bone dice set were really wonderful but the white ones, though just as beautiful, were a bit smaller in size than I thought and they may have been my not reading this but they are very lovely as well and I don’t regret buying them at all. My husband will be happy with them for his upcoming campaign. Everything shipped quickly and I love the items I purchased. They are part of his advent so it will be great.

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