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LITKO Premium Printed Mecha Hex Map Fire Arc Template

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FIRE ARC TEMPLATE Р(1) 150mm Multi-Hex Fire Arc Template. Determine the correct fire arc when shooting with your mechs and vehicles. This Hex Fire Arc Template will help you pick the weapon system that can be fired from your current position and hex facing. 

COLOR РLITKO Premium Printed template is UV printed on durable clear acrylic and precision laser cut for perfectly aligned graphics. Each arc includes colored direction arrows showing what weapons in these locations can shoot and in what field of fire.

Featuring a 30mm hex overlay with direction arrows for each facing. 

Front zone, including both arm weapons.

Left-side arm weapons.

Right-side arm weapons.

Rear-facing weapons.

COMPATIBLE – Compatible with your favorite futuristic Sci-Fi mech vs. mech game like Classic Battletech, BattleForce, and Alpha Strike Miniatures Rules.*

UPGRADE! – Check out our Premium Printed Upgrades compatible with Mech games and other LITKO¬ģ Premium Printed full-color Upgrades

*Compatible with the Classic Battletech, BattleForce, and Battletech: Alpha Strike miniatures game by Catalyst Game Labs under license from TOPPS Company, Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Catalyst Game Labs or TOPPS Company, Inc., and they do not endorse these products.

4 reviews for LITKO Premium Printed Mecha Hex Map Fire Arc Template

  1. Daniel Brissette

    Fast shipping, great quality! If I need more, I’ll be sure to order again!

  2. Zoey

    A wonderful template that helps clear up confusion over fire arcs and damage arcs. I cannot recommend this enough to new and experienced Battletech Players

  3. GamerDrago

    This lightweight guide is convenient for determining whether or not a mech can fire in an area. It really helps to determine the rear arc of your mech!

  4. Ramona Neafie

    This thing is great – it’s exactly what I wanted. Wish I had them for the last game!

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