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Honey Dice Soap (1.6oz/46g) Set | D&D Dice | DND

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WARNING: Please do not eat as it may cause choking hazards.


Glycerin, Sucrose, Sea Salt, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Purified Water, Essential Oil Fragrance.

Also, contains honey.

*organic natural soap makes less bubble than regular soap. But, better for skin!

-Each Soap weight: 1.6oz (46g)

-Each Soap size: 5cm*4cm*3cm

-Hand Made Honey Soap

-Natural honey fragrance is irresistible

-Vegan-friendly and CPSR-compliant

-100% Natural

-Honey scent

Each Soap Included Each Shape of Dice.

Get all 7 Different Dice After Using Them All!

4 reviews for Honey Dice Soap (1.6oz/46g) Set | D&D Dice | DND

  1. Cardamon

    I love these so much. I may never get all seven dice out of the soap, but that doesn’t matter. I am gonna use this delicious soap honestly, until I receive this set of gorgeous, orange dice. The best part is that these dice are clear, which are usually more fair when you roll!!

  2. Rachael Gallegos

    Absolutely love this item! It smells fantastic, the colors are perfect, and they are adorable. It arrived fast and was packaged really well.

  3. Freddy Altina

    This is perfect! It’s exactly what I wanted, and even better than I expected! The soap smells exactly like honey as well, which couldn’t be more perfect. And the packaging, which I included in the picture, couldn’t have been more perfect, or adorable! I want to keep the box just because it’s so pretty!

  4. hamnavii

    There was an error in packaging of my order, and I didn’t get my full set of extra dice I ordered. However, the seller responded quickly, and sent out a replacement set of dice immediately. The soap is also lovely, smells good and lathers up well. Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience.

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