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Heusinkveld sprint best brake pedal mod

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Enhance your braking precision in simracing with this specially designed spring. Experience a more sustained and progressive braking feel, perfect for mastering the challenging trailing brake technique. Unlike traditional rubber dampers, this mod ensures greater precision and easier modulation. Upgrade your simracing experience now!”

5 reviews for Heusinkveld sprint best brake pedal mod

  1. Anonymous

    Ordered these on accident and seller is letting me send them back for a refund

  2. Lily Liu

    Perfect fit for my VKB and Virpil MonsterTech chair HOTAS mounts to keep all the cables tidy. I’m using these with 0.5″ width Velcro One-Wrap cable ties which are just the right size to fit through the slots in these cable tie mounts.
    Much better value than the official cable tie blocks that MonsterTech sells on their website (they charge $8.40 for just 4). The item description is a bit confusing (title says its for 10 cable mount, while description says 20 — it’s actually for 20).

  3. Vincenzo Restivo

    Fast shipping, very high quality print.
    Perfect product for simagic.
    I’m very happy!

  4. Sign in with Apple user

    thx for your reviewe, we work hard to get the best quality at best price.

  5. Rolf Meusel

    Very nice Part, the best holder i could find

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