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Gastly / Gengar Evolution Switch Dock

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Want to spice up your Switch? Here is a gastly evolution switch dock to go on your regular or OLED switch!

Made with PLA Filament!

Model is created by Maple3d! I’m an authorized seller!

Color changing (Black Purple) prints may not look exactly as shown in the photos! Each print varies on how it finishes!

Sometimes I get a print that turns out mostly black with a hint of purple! (mostly black version)

Prints in two pieces and snaps together! Then just slide the switch into the top!

Items are 3d printed and may have small surface imperfections and visible layer lines due to the manufacturing process.

4 reviews for Gastly / Gengar Evolution Switch Dock

  1. Michelle Bissell

    Is just like the picture & all around extremely happy with my purchase! Thank you so much!!

  2. Adrianna Plante

    came out SO SO SO good! packaged so well!!!

  3. vamp

    came super quick ! ordered it dec21 with the expectation of it coming between dec 28-jan 9 just for it to come the 24th. seller helped me with an issue that was on my end. quality is amazing, and the colour is so pretty pictures don’t do it justice

  4. Loreal Lamoreaux

    The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s incredible in person. If more designs come out I’ll definitely buy. But I will buy this again 100%!

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