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DND Metal Dice 5mm with pocket watch case for DND Patry Dice 45mm chain

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For the D&D player that likes to stand out, these dice are definitely going to get noticed! Even your friends that aren’t into dnd are going to love this dice set and pocket watch case!

This Steampunk Style watch case measures approximately 2” x 2.5” and has a button release for the front cover. The removable back cover makes it easy to access your dice, or whatever little bits you decide to store inside.

Includes one set of micro metal polyhedral dice (~5mm): d4, d6, d8, d10, d10%, d12, d20, in your choice of colors.

4 reviews for DND Metal Dice 5mm with pocket watch case for DND Patry Dice 45mm chain

  1. Anna

    Absolutely no trouble with shipping. Item quality is good. Would recommend this shop for any dnd lovers!

  2. Nicky

    Got here in a timely manner. It’s super cute. There is a small gap (not very big) near the hinge. It’s not big enough for the dice to fall out but it is big enough that if you put your finger on it and shake it you can feel the dice rattle around. The chain broke the second time I went to wear it but I didn’t buy it for the chain. Either way I love it.

  3. Jay

    It arrived quickly, I didn’t notics any manufacturing issues. It’s a gift and I am sure my Partner will love it 😀

  4. Charlotte Langford

    Love them. The case is fun to fiddle with and the dice are a good quality. I originally got it for a present for someone and had to go back and get myself a set too.

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