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Custom Pool and Billiards Cue Ball – Personalized Gift for Birthday or Father’s Day!

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Give the billiard player in your life a personalized birthday or Father’s Day gift they’ll never forget with this custom pool and billiard cue ball.The images are dyed right into the surface of the balls so they won’t scratch off like other “printed on” custom balls.

Make sure to read the fine print for other custom balls because some are literally printed and inks can potentially rub or scratch off under normal use.

The process we use ensures the image will last the lifetime of the ball without scratching or rubbing off under normal playing conditions.

Please note we try to make the images as large as we can on the ball without sacrificing the quality or look of the image. This does not include a gift box or bag.

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4 reviews for Custom Pool and Billiards Cue Ball – Personalized Gift for Birthday or Father’s Day!

  1. duaneandjudy

    We are thrilled with how our cue ball turned out! This business was responsive to our questions and very easy to work with. We are very happy!

  2. hilarybennetts1

    Absolutely beautiful job. The seller was quick to answer my messages and gave me different options as to what I could have engraved on my cue ball. I am BEYOND impressed and will definitely purchase from him again. Thank you!

  3. Lori

    Top notch company. 10 stars. Nailed the design with our bar logo for our chalks and cue ball. Thank you so much. Highly recommend to anyone.

  4. Sarah

    I got this for my Stepdad’s birthday, custom made with the Air Force symbol. He was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and talks a lot about his time in service. He loves to play pool and even though he can’t remember if he’s playing stripes or solids, this cue ball really made his day! The image is clear and was the same weight as his set. It is a quality product. Thanks for putting a smile on all our faces that day!

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