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Custom Case for Nintendo Switch/Switch Oled/Switch lite, Personalized switch accessories, Original Design Switch Cover Shell, kawaii cute

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Hi there, this is Xingtong, I’m an artist and illustrator. I designed and illustrated every cute animals in my store. I love to draw pets and animals. I will make a drawing of your pet and produce your own Nintendo Switch case with the customized drawing.

I will do a custom digital pet drawing of your fluffy friend in a super cute style. Feel free to send me photos of your cat, dog, rabbit, bird, guinea Pig etc. All animals are welcome!!!

🐱 Customization Q&A:


【1🐱.Q: What am I going to receive?】

A: You are going to receive: a CASE of Nintendo Switch or Switch oled (including the main piece and 2 joycon stick covers) or a case for Switch Lite ( A whole piece of the shell, no joycon stick covers)

It is customized for you, from your pet’s pictures. I will create a cute cartoon character according to your pet with half body size. Simple background is accepted. ( Floral elements, names, cute little decorations on clean background, if you require full background, please contact me for pricing).

⚠️ Please note: The pictures I will create for you is not accepted to be used in any business. Thank you for your understand!


【2🐱.Q: How many pets is included?】

A: You can choose the numbers of the pets from the variations. If you require more than 2, please contact me, I will help you with submitting the order.


【3🐱.Q:what do I need to provide for the order:】

A: After submitting an order, please contact me with the following information provided:

Β· 1-3 photos of your pets (high resolution photos with your pet facing the camera are highly recommended. ).

Β· The color of the Switch case you’d like to choose. (Please see the listing pictures for choices)

Β· Any names/words/you’d like to add to the drawing or any preference of the drawing/background/style


【4🐱.Q: What is the whole process of the customization?】

A: 1- Submit an order

2-Contact me with all the required information

3-I will start to draw and provide a picture for you to preview and confirm in 3 days.

4-( 1 revision can be made — and let’s confirm again)

5- The file will go to our professional factory and will be carefully produced especially for you! *yay* (It will take about 1-2 week for the case to be made and printed)

6- It will be shipped to you.


【5🐱.Q: How long will I receive my order?】

A: It will take about 2-4 weeks for you to receive the order. Please understand the process includes both the drawing and producing. We will try our best to create it as soon as possible for you.


【6🐱. Q: Do you accept rush orders?】

A: Yes, for a rush order, please choose the RUSH ORDER option in variations. So you will be able to receive your order within about 2 weeks. (Please contact me for the exact time)


【7🐱.Q: What’s the difference between a regular Switch and Switch OLED?】

A: The regular switch has a small stand on the back (left corner) while the OLED model has a whole piece of stand across the back. If you are not sure what model is your switch, please contact me with a photo of your switch, I’m happy to help you with it.


⚠️This link includes only the case, no console is included!

⚠️When using hand sanitizer to clean the case, Please do not wipe the pattern cuz the pattern will not fade in water but will fade in sanitizer!!!!

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About Xingtong Lu

Hi there! I’m an Artist, Illustrator and Designer. Everything in my store is designed and illustrated by me. I like animals and woods friends. I enjoy drawing cute animals and fluffy pets. I made my artworks very carefully and attentively, and that is exactly how I treat my dear customers. I appreciate everyone that loves my work!

4 reviews for Custom Case for Nintendo Switch/Switch Oled/Switch lite, Personalized switch accessories, Original Design Switch Cover Shell, kawaii cute

  1. BOOKroulette

    The shell fits perfectly and is even cuter in person! The seller was amazing at incorporating any suggestions I had and it came so fast. I love it so much!!

  2. Sofie Wolf

    The design is amazing! The seller was totally open to making a Christmas themed design and listened to any ideas I had to adjust the design to my liking. They also helped me pick out a color case that would fit my tastes and remain compatible with the design! The case itself is very firm, but malleable. However, after manipulating it onto the Switch it is hard to force it back into its original shape, resulting in a drooping effect at the bottom of my case. It also requires some force to dock, possibly because the case is a little thicker, but it will dock. I am still very happy with the product as I asked the seller if we could add my pet Princess who passed away, and they were more than happy to accommodate me. Prince and Princess were gifted to me for Christmas when I was younger, I’m happy to forever have them immortalized!

  3. Sofie Wolf

    The case is wonderful! I like how it is flexible yet firm. The texture of the case is pleasant. The design that was made is absolutely adorable and in my opinion, the best I’ve ever seen! I would definitely get more cases done by this person and recommend them to others. I honestly think I’m going to get one for every season πŸ˜­πŸ’•. The only issue I ran into is the portion of the case that is supposed to go over the kickstand has a tab that is ever so slightly off center which disallows the entire piece from clicking into place, so instead it sticks out slightly. Despite this, it is still dockable, so I believe I will just use something to shave a little more space to get it to fit properly.

  4. Meg

    Oh, this was absolutely perfect!! Seller was so helpful and kind, and they worked so quickly even though this wasn’t a rush order!! I adore the finished product. What’s more, I bought this for my sister who often drops her switch and wanted to protect it. So the seller added a protective screen, even though it wasn’t originally part of the listing!! I am overjoyed, and my sister absolutely loves it!! Fantastic seller, if I need another switch case, I’m absolutely buying from this shop, and recommending it to others!!

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