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Clear Ancient Rune Sharp Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, Pathfinder, D20 Polyhedral Resin Dice, Fit in Dice Box, Tower

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Our mission is to inspire tabletop gamers with our beautiful sections of dice, terrains, and miniature. All of our dice are made to impress your friends with it’s stunning and irresistible beauty.




– 1 Clear Ancient Rune Sharp Dice Set (Full 7 Dice Set)

– 1 Leather Dice Box(included)

Size of each dice:

D4 = 16 mm

D6 = 16 mm

D8 = 16 mm

D10 = 16 mm

D% = 16 mm

D12 = 18 mm

D20 = 18 mm

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❓ ❓ More Info:

– We use high quality and bio-friendly resin and ink for all of our dice


⛔️ Policy:

❗❗The essence of this shop is to provide tabletop gamers with high-quality items to bring their imagination to the table. We will not ship any product that is less than perfect. If you are not satisfied, we will guarantee a full refund❗❗

We ensure every product that we ship are what you expect. If you are not satisfied with our product/s you can contact us for a full refund. This is made using the additive manufacturing process, laying down layers by layers to create a detailed object. Due to the process, they might be some artifacts, such as tiny hairs between small gaps. We try our best to clean up the model before shipping it to our customers. We are not responsible for any of the damage or harm caused by the misuse of our product/s.

4 reviews for Clear Ancient Rune Sharp Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, Pathfinder, D20 Polyhedral Resin Dice, Fit in Dice Box, Tower

  1. Kaitlyn

    The quality of the dice is incredible!! They roll smoothly, including down a tumble tower. They are the prettiest dice I’ve seen and they’re just as vibrant in person!

  2. Carson Heffner

    These are quite possibly my favorite dice in my collection. I bought little shelves to hang up and display all my sets and I put These ones on top. The color and design of these are just the coolest

  3. Trevor Philips

    These are the most beautiful dice I’ve seen. I’m new to using dice, but the moment I saw these I knew they were going to be my main set. They are as beautiful in person as they are in the product pictures. As a Norse pagan, I really appreciate the addition of the runes on each dice as well. I am 100% happy with this purchase!

  4. Adam Chevalier

    Ordered these as my main set and 3 of the Green Sea Spell D6 for my damage die. Received these and they are decent quality. Very good looking but during actual play you (and DM) can barely make out the black numbers from too far.
    Main complaint is their customer service. They sent me 6 addition D6 of these rather than the Green Sea Spell D6 I ordered. Tried making me buy the dice they wrongly sent. Then refuse to send return shipping label so I can return. Then say refund to which I responded “I’m just going to use the refund to purchase the dice I ordered in the first place, so just send what I ordered.” They responded they would but it’s been weeks now and they keep “next week”ing me…
    All in all, I would be wary ordering from this shop again. These dice look great in a macro lens shot but lack utility in play.

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