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Cheese Themed Dice Set | D&D Dice | DND

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WARNING:Please do not eat as it may cause choking hazards.

Cast your magic bell and haze the monsters!

The seven-dice set is made with resin material, meaning a soft and smooth touch and high durability, as it won’t do any damage to the surface you play on.

Matt finished surfaces.

Plus, they are stored in a cute round hand-made wood container that provides protection and organization.

Dice Dimensions (the widest side):

D4 – 13/16″ (21mm)

D6 – 5/8″ (16mm)

D8 – 13/16″ (21mm)

D10 – 7/8″ (22mm)

D% – 7/8″ (22mm)

D12 – 13/16″ (21mm)

D20 – 15/16″ (24mm)

May this sweeten your epic adventure!


WARNING:Please do not eat as it may cause choking hazards.

4 reviews for Cheese Themed Dice Set | D&D Dice | DND

  1. April Wilkinson

    my first dice set is this cheese set and im so glad i ordered it. the feel of the dice is so soft i almost want to eat the cheese dice. the box is well crafted too and so so cute!

  2. Bryan Rohrbach

    The dice look slightly better in the pictures. The cheese box itself is really cool. It’s a little tough putting cheese box back together since it’s pretty tight fit.

  3. J. H.

    Arrived before expected! The little cheese box these things come in is great. The dice themselves are fun and interesting. They’re a touch bigger and, yet, a little lighter weight than normal dice of the same size. They roll nicely nonetheless!

  4. Sign in with Apple user

    Nice dice! Just like the photo! Very light but I have only ever owned solid metal dice before these! Rolls evenly!

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