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Catan robber game piece upgrade

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Make rolling a 7 even more entertaining by upgrading your robber from that boring grey piece of wood into this charming rouge figure! Now when your traitor friend steals your sheep it’ll be a little more interesting.

*Made to order. This product is 3D printed and hand-painted so there are imperfections. By purchasing you are aware and willing to make the purchase.*


Created by:

Andrew Stockton


licensed under theCreative Commons – Attribution -

4 reviews for Catan robber game piece upgrade

  1. emille31

    This was even better in person! Such a fun upgrade. Super well done.

  2. Alex

    Super adorable, looks even better in person than it does in the photos! We ordered 1 as a gift and 1 for ourselves we loved it so much!

  3. Frank Deckers

    Fantastically made, just the idea is fun. Reasonably large, but therefore easy to recognize.

  4. Chrysanthy

    Very cute, loved playing with it, brought some flair to our game! You do see the ridges from the 3d printing but only up close.

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