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Casting Shadows Hex Tile Reference Tokens (Game Add-On, KSE, Wooden-Double-Sided)

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Hex Tile Reference Tokens for the Board Game by Unstable Games, “Casting Shadows”. These are a game aid that are placed on the game’s Hex Tiles during play as a reference for the Tile’s function. No need to pass around the single reference sheet included with the game.

Includes 14 total Tokens, which covers the Base Game, Kickstarter and Ice Storm Expansion version of the game. (Lucky Skipper Included). Two different Art Styles are available, one set with Artwork of the Character’s Base Form and another set with the Artwork of the Character’s Shadow Form.

:: COMING SOON :: “Molten Rock Expansion” – These sets do not currently include Tokens for the newly announced “Molten Rock Expansion”. When information is released on these, I will offer a separate add-on listing for those tokens in both styles currently offered (Base and Shadow Forms).

:: DETAILS :: These are made of 1/8″ thick MDF, sized at approximately 1-1/4″ from flat to flat, with vinyl stickers which then have a matte clear viny overlay to protect tiles. One side has the character and other side has their Home Tile and that Tile’s Function. See pictures for previews.

These store nicely in the KSE Box in the slot for the meeples (see photo). The retail box is much smaller and there is no slot that these will fit into.

:: INTERNATIONAL BUYERS :: I have opened ordering to select countries, more may be added. If your country isn’t listed, please reach out to see if I can accommodate an order for you. If you have any other questions, please let me know.


4 reviews for Casting Shadows Hex Tile Reference Tokens (Game Add-On, KSE, Wooden-Double-Sided)

  1. Patrick Poteet

    Quick shipping. They even provided some nice stickers as they felt they took too long to ship. I think I waited one day so it was not even needed but I loved the pieces and stickers. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  2. Kristin Cox

    These are the perfect addition to the Casting Shadows game! Definitely beats passing around a piece of paper and the tokens makes them easier to see vs the stickers in my opinion. Love these!

  3. Radioactiveafro

    These tokens are gorgeous and a much needed addition to casting shadows. They feel like they should be official reference tokens that came with the game. The adorable stickers are just the cherry on top. I’ll be buying the molten rock expansion when that comes out as well, no question.

  4. Angela Aschberger

    Absolutely fantastic quality, above expectations. Great effort by the seller to negotiate postage to Australia (which admittedly took a while, no fault of the seller). Definitely will enhance my game play, we can’t wait to use them.

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