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Borderlands Inspired Lilith Dice DnD Dungeons and Dragons

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One set (12) of dice inspired by Lilith from Borderlands. Comes with a token (d2), 4 d6s, and 2 d20s. They are decorated with paint pens and sprayed with a sealant.

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4 reviews for Borderlands Inspired Lilith Dice DnD Dungeons and Dragons

  1. Thomas Adamo

    The dice set is much more dull in color than indicated in pictures. I was hoping for the bright looking dice in the example pictures but it is clear upon receipt that the pictures used for the advertisement must be heavily edited with high contrast which feels like a bait and switch and dishonest in general. Otherwise, if that is not the case, the seller chose not to produce and deliver a product of quality of what they could have. I am not sure which is worse but buyer beware, the colors do not match the pictures.

  2. kyle lupo

    I absolutely love these dice. The cell shading on the dice is perfectly placed along with an amazing color scheme. Just wish they made a corrosive barrel color being corrosive is my favorite in borderlands 2.

  3. Christina Myers

    These dice are awesome! They were well packaged when I received them. They look just as great as the pictures show. I was concerned that the black lines might rub off eventually but the dice seem to be sealed so I don’t think that’ll be an issue. Very happy with these.

  4. Jenni Gipson

    These dice look great!! Super fast shipping. My boyfriend loves them, he crit a few times with them tonight 🙂

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