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Bartop / WeeCade Graphic – Multi Cade Theme

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MultiCade theme graphic for our Bar top / Table top / Wee Cade machines. The sides panels, game panel, and admin panel are printed on vinyl and laminated with protective finish. Marquee is printed on back lite film and laminated.

Simple to apply to your machine, peel, press, smooth and trim to size.

Please note – Button holes are not printed, so you simply apply and then cut buttons to match your game panel layout

Custom work available for additional charge.

4 reviews for Bartop / WeeCade Graphic – Multi Cade Theme

  1. Anthony DiGiorgio

    I so badly wanted to give this seller five stars. The side and control decals are top-notch! The problem is the marquee print is not back lite capable in my opinion as the description says (it was the same vinyl as the sides & control). I ended up having to buy a custom marquee from another seller that was made from back lite material. A little expensive in my opinion without the back lite capable marquee.

  2. Pedro

    This was my first time building a bar top arcade and I really wanted some great decals to use. I’m extremely happy with the product. It’s very strong and durable. It was easy to apply to the cabinet and gives my cabinet a professional look! I will definitely be purchasing these decals again for future arcade cabinets!

  3. Aron

    The arcade case was very easy to assemble and the laminate on the board looks nice. Its made of particle board, but the case is well designed and has nice sharp edges. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was there were no instructions. Putting the case together was intuitive, but there are extra screws and sleeves that I am not 100% sure of the best way to attach to the case. I think they are to protect the decals from damage. Most will be attached when I add the buttons, but the marque has me stumped at this point on how the attach.
    I added the decals & assembled most of the parts. The case looks great! I haven’t put the marquee in yet, but I know what needs to be done. I appreciate the extra screws and the plastic screens to protect the decals.
    Very happy with the kit!

  4. John Hunter

    These were great! Note that if you have the regular button layout on the front panel (the one below where the joysticks and regular buttons are mounted) some of the ghosts will be cut out, but it still looks fine!
    Also, do this before the T-molding to make your life easier, and definitely look up a video on how to apply it, because it can be done perfectly, with no bubbles and no dust, if you take the time to prep and proceed carefully. I was very happy with the outcome!

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