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Arcana Core Dice 6 Piece Set

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A six piece set of brass or gold plated Arcana Core Dice, now released from my Kickstarter. A decader can be added separately. 14k yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold (rhodium) plating is also available, please inquire directly if you’re interested in pure/solid versions of these precious metals.

With a free floating internal cores, the dice ring out like bells thanks to an in depth frequency analysis performed on each 3D model to calculate and adjust the resonant frequency of the metal. The result is each die rings out like a bell as they fly through the air! With an extensive backgrounds in audio and mechanical engineering and countless hours of experimentation, we’ve made this seemingly fallacious concept drafted three years ago a reality.

Every die starts 3D printed in wax with a layer height of only several microns for maximum precision. Through a process called lost wax investment casting they’re transformed into high detail brass models. The wax 3D print is placed in hardening plaster where the wax is melted out once solid, then molten bronze is poured into trees of these molds. The dice are hand finished with a rotary tool equipped with radial bristle brushes of incrementally smoother sanding grades to polish the dice to perfection. This meticulous, high precision production process results in uniformly fair and balanced dice.

4 reviews for Arcana Core Dice 6 Piece Set

  1. Lema

    This die is absolutely gorgeous. The photo doesn’t capture how fine the detail is, it’s just beautiful. I added a couple of jump rings to it to wear it as a pendant and it came out exactly how I pictured. The seller responded promptly to my questions and it shipped faster than I expected. Excellent experience! Now my kids each want one 🙂

  2. Telecus REC

    Arrived timely and as always in amazing quality!

  3. Angela Glading

    so magical. Love this product! I get extra fun out of it because my husband can’t hear the chime (too high a frequency) and I can tease him.

  4. Marcus Soh

    The dice are amazing. True to pictures. My favourite set of dice.

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