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500K Royale High Diamonds RHD (read desc)

(5 customer reviews)


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💟before buying, please be level 75 on the game Royale High in “Roblox”

💟i will ask for your roblox username, and will add you. i will meet you in the game Royale High, trade with you and send you the diamonds.

💟feel free to send me a DM for any questions, even before buying.

💟please put your username in the customisation box listed

(please note that your trade will be fulfilled within a week, there may be some delays, but it is highly unlikely. most trades will be fulfilled within 1-3 days depending on stock)

5 reviews for 500K Royale High Diamonds RHD (read desc)

  1. Amanda Rodriguez

    Minor difficulties, because trading hub was down! But very nice seller & patient. Gave me a halo and very valuable stuff. Buy from them please!!!

  2. Vesper

    Super kind and patient! Thank you!

  3. Anonymous

    at first there was a time difference problem, but the seller was patient and so kind! the items i got were great and i would 100% buy from this shop again

  4. Ava Maddalozzo

    They are so kind and fast!❤️❤️

  5. Anonymous

    thank you so much for the feedback. hope you have a beautiful new years 🫶

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