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2TB PS2 Free SSD Boot + Games + Adapter

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2TB SSD for original fat model North American PS2. Preloaded with Free HDD boot and over 1.8TB worth of PS2 games ready to be played. Just plug it into the back of your fat model ps2 with the included adapter and experience the whole NA PS2 library at your fingertips! No additional soft or hard modding necessary. Just plug and play. If you are looking for a games list please reach out to us first.

If you dont have a PS2 dont worry! Brax and his team can source you a good working PS2 to go with your order. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help! Please note the SSD you receive may be different than what is pictured. Listing is for SSD and adapter only, ps2 not included. If you want a combo with a system you will receive a custom order.

4 reviews for 2TB PS2 Free SSD Boot + Games + Adapter

  1. Joshua

    The Drive itself was great. I can’t fault the vender cause they didn’t make it, but the GameStar Network Adapter was just junk. The vender provided me with a link to a Network Card after market Board replacement with an SSD slot because GameStar has no power regulation. Lucky for me I owned the original Network Card. I ordered the part and swapped out the board then magically the 2TB SSD worked perfectly.
    There is a ton of missing box art but the games I own seem to work and I have the boxes on the shelf, but now I don’t have to risk my disc tray or my disc’s I can sit back and use a button combo to go back to menu.
    This seller is too notch! Message before you post a review.
    There is a hold period before product ships.

  2. Adam Morone

    Item arrived working great, helpful customer service!!!!

  3. Sarcastic Toast

    This is everything I wanted and more, while it did take a while to come it was very much worth the wait as it took 10 seconds to set up and worked right outta the box, it has basically everything I could wanna play on the ps2 with even some oddities like the odd Japanese only game that isn’t in English which while strange seeing as it doesn’t have an English patch is still cool! There are also games on here that are elvish patched which is awesome! I highly recommend this for anyone who doesn’t wanna sell a kidney to buy retro games

  4. Kevin

    Excellent product! The shop owner worked extensively with me to resolve my issue with a previous order and this SSD did the trick! Easy to use and so awesome to have all the games in one.

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