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256GB/128GB Newest OnionOs 4.2.3 Upgrade loaded game card for Miyoo Mini/Mini Plus + DS + Extras V3 + Card Only

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Simple plug and play upgrade for your own personal Miyoo! Transforming it into a retro machine! Literally insert SD card into your own device and power on! No system is included in this listing, only the upgraded SD card to be used in your Miyoo! Includes Onion Release 4.2.3 as of 11/7/2023 Including Drastic setup for Nintendo DS emulation on Samsung Evo microSD or SanDisk Ultra card!

Requires firmware 20220419 (mini) or 20230326 (plus) or newer

Verify firmware: Settings => Device Info => Version

NES and newer systems (aka the games we actually play) Mostly US titles with some Famicom titles (Japanese) . DS emulation is based on an experimental core package and may not run perfectly. Cheats included!

System and game counts:

Arcade: 4890

Atari 2600: 705

Atari 5200: 106

Atari 7800: 70

Atari Lynx:87

Bandai WonderSwan & Color:70



Gameboy Advance:1027

Gameboy Color:522

DS: 40


Sega Genesis:848

Master System:291



NeoGeo Pocket/color:40

NEC TurboGrafx-16:387

NEC TurboGrafx CD:10


Pokemini: 24

Sega CD:54

Super Nintendo:2100

Sega 32X:31

VirtualBoy: 25

*256GB card will have more PS, SegaCD and TurboGrafxCD.

Onion V4.2.3 Release installed and preconfigured!

Around 13350 games, most have Box Art!

Over 100 Themes!

Plug and Play with Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus (see firmware requirement)

V4.2.3 arrives fully setup and tested, all you need to do is plug it in!

No modifications needed

Depending on stock you will receive:

-Samsung Evo 128/256 GB microSDXC 130MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD, UHS-I, U3, A2, V30 OR

SanDisk Ultra Card

Listing only includes SD card – No hardware included

Instructions provided in mailer

Ships from USA! – Fast Shipping

*Note International Shipments will be shipped using USPS First Class Package International. An 15.00 USD shipping fee will be added to any international shipment. Delivery with this service is approx. 1 -4+ weeks. (Per USPS). Tariffs/import fees are not collected (unless otherwise stated) and the responsibility of the buyer.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

Note: Everything provided is opensource. You are paying for my time and materials to setup the card.

5 reviews for 256GB/128GB Newest OnionOs 4.2.3 Upgrade loaded game card for Miyoo Mini/Mini Plus + DS + Extras V3 + Card Only

  1. Anonymous

    Just what I needed! I wanted to update my miyoo minis before
    Christmas but I just didn’t wanna mess up a sd card or not do it in time! Steve was so helpful! He helped me so much and maybe me feel comfortable and confident in my purchase! Do not hesitate to buy! I even got some cute stickers as a free gift 🥰

  2. Rowan Hawthorne

    TL;DR The hell are you doing reading my review for? BUY IT.
    ABSOLUTELY recommend this for anyone who wants to up their game (hurr hurr) with their Miyoo. Lots of cool themes, great selection of games, and they’ll even add requested games onto the card at no extra cost. Did I also mention free stickers? Who doesn’t love free stickers? And the packaging was impeccable. The card shipped in a 3D printed card holder held in a small drawstring bag with a set of super simple instructions. Also, stickers. Would definitely buy again if they released larger capacity cards. 🤘🏼

  3. Melinda Rodriguez

    What can I say , honestly I’m stoked ! This SD card legit has every game I want to play . The nostalgia trip I went on last night was magical ! Also , they include a few cute stickers which I appreciated so much ! Stop reading my comment and go buy this SD card . LIKE NOW !!!

  4. Theo Eichorn

    Thank you so much Rowan! I mean your not wrong! It was a pleasure building this out for you and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  5. Joselyn Mendoza

    🤯 What? This thing is sick! As a guy who remembers Pong and Vic20’s, who spent hundreds on GBA cartridges, this is some kind of fever dream. 12 year old me would have had a panic attack. So. Many. Games. If you are like me and you’re new to this and you just want to play the games, but you hardly know the difference between Roms and RAM… buy this with the confidence of knowing that you get most of the history of console and handheld gaming (>DS) in the palm of your hand for what you would have gotten maybe two GB games, trouble free. Enter retro gaming heaven, and have y your mind blown! Oh, and Steve seems like a righteous bro, so, there’s that. So, buy this card and a Miyoo Mini Plus and get your game on.

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