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256 GB Micro SD Card for Powkiddy RGB30, RK2023 / Anbernic RG353P/PS/m/v/vs, RG503. 21,618 Quality Games With Boxart/Videos (Sd Card Only)

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This listing is only for the SD card. No hardware is included!

For Sale: One (1) 256 GB Silicon Power micro SD card for Select Powkiddy and Anbernic handheld gaming systems. Setup to run the latest version of JELOS OS.

Works with the following devices:

1) Powkiddy RGB30

2)Powkiddy RK2023

3)Anbernic RG353P / PS

4)Anbernic RG353M

5)Anbernic RG353V

6)Anbernic RG353VS

7)Anbernic RG503

21,618 quality games including their menu art (mixart) and snap videos.

Plug & play…no configuration needed!

Below is a detailed listing of what is included with this purchase:

256 GB Silicon Power microSDXC UHS-I (class 10) micro SD card ready to game. No Hardware is included…just the SD card.

Includes the full retail version of Pico-8 which is a $15 value by itself. The retail version allows access to Splore, which is an interface where you can browse and download 1000’s of Pico-8 games directly to the device.

Games can be identified as “Favorites” simply by pressing the “X” button with game highlighted in menu and then selecting “add to favorites” so they can easily be found in the favorite folder or sorting by sytems.

I left a little over 2 GB free space on the sd card available for future upgrades to the OS, save states and smooth operation.

This micro SD card has the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below:

System – approx. # Games Installed:

All – 21,618

Arcade (MAME) -2363

Arcade CPS1 -36

Arcade CPS2 – 40

Arcade CPS3 – 6

Atari 2600 – 629

Atari 5200 – 73

Atari 7800 – 72

Atari Lynx – 80

Atomiswave – 13

Bandai Wonderswan – 108

Bandai Wonderswan Color – 90

Colecovision – 120

Commodore Amiga – 2155

Commodore 64 – 2261

Daphne – 16

Doom – 4

GCE Vectrex – 36

Megaduck – 23

Microsoft MSX – 497

Microsoft MSX 2 – 145

NEC PC9801 – 1

NEC PC Engine / Turbografx 16 – 303

NEC PC Engine CD / Turbografx 16 CD – 10

NEC Supergrafx – 7

Neo Geo – 144

Neo Geo CD – 64

Neo Geo Pocket – 9

Neo Geo Pocket Color – 79

Nintendo 64 – 271

Nintendo Entertainment System – 678

Nintendo Famicom – 1020

Nintendo Famicom Disk System – 73

Nintendo Super Famicom – 1414

Nintendo Gameboy – 1051

Nintendo Gameboy Color – 871

Nintendo Gameboy Advance – 1623

Nintendo DS – 160

Nintendo Pokemon Mini – 13

Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System – 790

Nintendo Virtual Boy – 21

Sufami Turbo – 13

Open Beats of Rage – 5

Pico 8 – 1504 + 1000’s more to download directly to device

Sega SG1000 – 94

Sega Master System – 283

Sega Game Gear – 362

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive – 1325

Sega CD – 122

Sega 32X – 34

Sega Dreamcast – 23

Sega Naomi – 17

Sega Saturn – 15

Sony Playstation – 45

Sony PSP – 11

Tic 80 -354

Watara Supervision – 42


To exit out of Pico-8 Splore, hold the L1 and R1 buttons while pressing start and select.

To exit out of PSP & Nintendo DS, press the L3 button and select exit.

To exit out of Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast games, hit the select button then select exit.

For all other systems, hold the select button and hit start twice to exit back to main menu.


All cards are thouroughly tested before shipping.

Thanks for looking!

4 reviews for 256 GB Micro SD Card for Powkiddy RGB30, RK2023 / Anbernic RG353P/PS/m/v/vs, RG503. 21,618 Quality Games With Boxart/Videos (Sd Card Only)

  1. Andrew Stacy

    Seller contacted me to make sure that I understood that the device was not included. He was friendly and shipped very quickly. When I received the SD card just a few days later, it was just as advertised. Tons of games that were all scraped and a bunch of games from systems I wasn’t even familiar with! Will definitely consider his services again when my Odin 2 comes in!

  2. Brian

    This is a great collection for the RGB 30. Super fast shipping too.

  3. Jose Munoz

    Great collection for the RGB30. Nice quality. Fast shipping. Bought from in the past. Will buy again in the future. Thank you.

  4. Amanda

    The seller was great and extremely helpful. I actually originally inquired about the wrong item and he caught it and told me the correct item to buy, saving me time and money. He was very prompt to ship as well.

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