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100 Vintage and New Board Game Pieces and Parts from Classic Family Games

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Quality Game Parts and Pieces, marbles, dice, tokens, pawns, players and timers from your favorite family board games and games.

Each lot offers an excellent variety from dozens of different games. Lots are handpicked to offer a balanced representation from each game with few repeating pieces.

QUANTITY: 100 game pieces (actually it is a few more than that because not everybody is going to like every piece. The pieces you don’t like, count those as part of the extra few and just toss them. Don’t let them ruin your purchase 😉

Time Period: 1970’s – present time. Majority tend to be from the 90’s.

“PARTS AND PIECES” IS USED TO DESCRIBE BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: dice, marbles, chess, checkers, pawns, players, movers, counters, letter tiles, number tiles, dominoes, plastic play money, game cards, pegs, Zingo tiles, timers, Monopoly houses and hotels, tokens, Rummikub, backgammon, teddy bear bingo, pick up sticks, jenga, cadoo, guess who faces, trivial pursuit, mahjong, tri onimos, Quirkle cubes, “let’s go fishing” fish, Stratego castles, Risk soldiers and cannons, bingo counters, .ect

MATERIALS: plastic, wood, metal and cardboard.

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6 reviews for 100 Vintage and New Board Game Pieces and Parts from Classic Family Games

  1. Maisie

    A fun assortment of random game pieces. I am using them to make “personalized” Mexican Train markers for several gifts. Had so much fun picking through for just the right assortment. Thank you!

  2. Christina Costelo

    I love the collection! A good mix of vintage and new game pieces. It’s perfect for a resin inlay pour table I’m making.

  3. mdillonmv

    I’m so happy the pieces will work for your project. Let me know if you’ll need more. I already have some different items in stock. Thank you for your review!

  4. Valerie Schwartz

    Awesome seller! Item is just perfect! I used these pieces to decorate a lamp for my boyfriend who loves board games! Came out great! 🙂 Very friendly and responsive seller – highly recommend!

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you. I love the lamp!

  6. Anonymous

    We ordered these to have as decor for our “fun and games”-themed Halloween party. What an excellent assortment, and so much fun to look through!

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